15 of the Coolest DIGG API Mashups

Below are my Top 15 Mashups using the Digg api.
A mashup is a combination of data from one source and integrated with one or more technologies. Don’t you just love Api’s.

1. Arcs from Digg Labs

Arcs from Digg LabsURL: http://labs.digg.com/arc/.
Description: This mashup was created by Digg Labs, which would explain why it looks amazing. Basically it tracks all stories and topics, and wraps them around a sphere. The thicker the arc the more popular the story is.

2. BigSpy from Digg Labs

BigSpy from Digg LabsURL: http://labs.digg.com/bigspy/.
Description: Again, this is from Digg Labs, and it also looks great. As something is dugg it appears at the top of the page. This is pretty addictive.

3. Swarm from Digg Labs

Swarm from Digg LabsURL: http://labs.digg.com/swarm/.
Description: Each circle represents a story as they are dugg. The brighter the circle the more popular it is. Yet another from Digg Labs.

4. Stack from Digg Labs

Swarm from Digg LabsURL: http://labs.digg.com/stack/.
Description: This displays the current Top 100 Stories, and you can watch as a smaller block is added representing another digg added to that story. Yep, all the best are coming from Digg Labs.

5. Dugg Analytics

Dugg AnalyticsURL: http://demo.qliktech.com/qlikview/AJAX/digg/.
Description: Simply, this is a statistcal analysis of Digg. Interesting viewing, the depth of the stats is phenomenal, covering every topic and story. Have a look for your story. This is not from Digg Labs.

6. DuggBack

DuggBackURL: http://www.duggback.com/.
Description: “DuggBack is a service that lets you quickly find and shuffle through complete website mirrors and web caches of sites that has been hit by the ‘Digg Effect’“. In a nutshell, this is a service to help you find those stories that you may have missed.

7. Don’t Censor Me

DonURL: http://www.dontcensorme.com/digg/.
Description: Site Tagline: “The worst of the worst comments on digg. Look away and protect your eyes!“. This shows all comments from Digg that have been buried. There is a little spam, but some of the comments are excellent.

8. Digg Killer The Game

Digg KillerURL: http://www.kurtmargenau.com/diggkiller/.
Description This is Space Invaders game were you have to shoot the falling Diggs (up to the minute). A little bit of fun.

9. Diggs Heatmap

Diggs HeatmapURL: http://my.break.com/content/digg/default.aspx.
Description: This is Heat Map of the most popular Digg Videos, the darker the red and the larger the box represents the most popular.

10. Digglicious

DiggliciousURL: http://www.digglicious.com/.
Description: This site shows live action from both Digg and delicious.

And the rest…

11.Arkayne at Digg.
(Any top Digg story can be automatically linked with a similar site running the Arkayne Widget).

12.Digg Preview.
(Preview what everyone is digging Digg using this gadget).

13.Digg Map.
(Diggs are shown in real-time on the map for users that have specified their location in their profile).

14.Who Is Digging You?.
(Curious about who is Digging you, or anyone else? Visit here).

15.Digg Sidebar.
(The Digg Sidebar extension shows you the Digg stories in real time in the Firefox sidebar).

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