This Weeks Twitter Design News Roundup N.06

It has been a great week for new resources, there has been a couple of web design and social media icon sets released, a new CSS framework, which is always welcome, wallpaper, jQuery, WordPress tutorials…and a hell of a lot more. There has also been a few Lego Tweets in the past week, its been a while, you can tell that I was researching yesterdays Lego post.
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10 Things I Hate About Your Workspace

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
Is your workspace inspirational? Or, is it lifeless, souless and does it dry up your creative juices? Creating your perfect inspirational workspace can be difficult, here are some great guidelines from Freelance Shack: "The journey toward success will begin from your workspace. A bad workspace will leave your amazing mind uninspired. I was recently asked by a colleague, “How can I change my workspace to become more inspired?”. I gave him the following advise."

Create a Cool Wet Ink Typography Effect in Photoshop

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
With this Photoshop tutorial you will create an awesome distorted type design. Using a range of Photoshop brushes you’ll create the appearance of printed type that has come into contact with drops of water, breaking up the text with oversaturated drips, runs and splats.

20 Awesome Chair Designs

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
Do you pay attention to the design of what you are sitting on? Do you usually care? You would certainly care if you were sitting on the chairs from this post. Designed by creative minds these chairs are amazing.

45 Beautiful Dual-Screen Wallpapers

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06

A jQuery Twitter Ticker

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
In this tutorial you are going to create a pure jQuery & CSS twitter ticker which utilizes Twitter’s Search API. It will show your or your friends’ latest tweets, and will not require any server side code or databases. As a result, the ticker will be easily included into any web page and easily modified to your likings.

How To Turn Your WordPress Blog Into a Photo Gallery Website

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06

xCSS – OO CSS Framework

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
xCSS is a new framework for developing CSS. This is what they say about it: "xCSS bases on CSS and empowers a straightforward and object-oriented workflow when developing complex style cascades. Using xCSS means a dramatic cut down to your development time by: having a intuitive overview of the overall CSS structure, using variables, re-using existing style cascades and many other handy features. But, most frameworks are bulky and inflexible, aren't they? Not xCSS! It's lightweight and seamlessly integrates into any existing workflow. Aside from that the CSS overhead is getting reduced while your (X)HTML attributes remain semantic."
Sounds a little bit complicated, worth giving it a try though.

Adobe Flash Professional CS5: Applications for iPhone

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06

Freelance Contracts: Do’s And Don’ts

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
Drafting a contract that covers you, and doesn’t just enumerate information, is more than important: it is a must. Freelancers do not have the benefit of a legal department dedicated to protecting their interests with a watertight contract. Nevertheless, a freelancer’s contract must be comprehensive, concise and clear. It should outline the scope of the job, scheduling demands, the expectations of both parties and more.

This Is a Photoshop and It Blew My Mind

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
PhotoSketch is an internet-based program that can take a rough sketch with a few labels and turn it an amazing photo montage. Seems unbelievable but—as the video shows—it works:

The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
As web professionals, we all know that the concept of the page fold being an impenetrable barrier for users is a myth. Over the last 6 years, the author of this article, have watched over 800 user testing sessions and on only 3 occasions have they seen the page fold as a barrier to users getting to the content they want. Sounds intiguing, doesn't it?
In this article they break down the page fold myth and give some tips to ensure content below the fold gets seen.

50 Years of LEGO: Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon Time-Lapse Video

Lego Pancho Villa Raid

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
This scene was brought to life by the imagination of George Lucas in 1992 for the premiere episode of the “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” television series. Young Indy rides with Pancho Villa’s gang alongside a hijacked train as they push a flatcar loaded with dynamite into the city’s defensive wall. This 5ft Lego moc was recreated by the skillful hands of Brian Williams.

Free Set of Social Media Icons – Large Icons Social

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06In this set, you will find 23 different icons that is perfect for content-centered websites such as blogs, news sites, etc. You will find PNG, ICO, and BMP file formats of various sizes (up to 512×512px) for ultimate flexibility and usability.

The Art of Crafting Beautiful Stylesheets

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
Crafting beautiful stylesheets is not a dark art. Yes, it takes discipline, commitment and persistence but with a few tricks up your sleeve, you too can be a CSS ninja.
In this article you will be shown a few techniques to craft readable, maintainable and easy to debug stylesheets.

A twitter client for the C64/C128 running on a C128D

Do you remember the old C64? I had one, and I loved it, it was far better than the Spectrum (rubber keys!!!). Anyway, BREADBOX64 is a twitter client for the C64/128 which allows you to tweet from a real C64 and show your friends timeline. Cool.

10 things you need to stop tweeting about

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06

Creating a Usable Contact Form

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
There are several things that a basic contact form should include. Meeting these standards will ensure you are on the right path for creating an excellent contact form.

How to Design Buttons to Help Improve Usability

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
Buttons can play a big part in how visitors interact with a website. They come in varying shapes, sizes and styles but there are a few things to consider when designing buttons: Use of Icons; Look and Feel; Behaviour; Importance; Consistency. The author goes into detail about how to tackle each.

30 Complete Photoshop Guides for Beginners

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
In this post you will find a collection of Photoshop tutorials an guides for beginners. If you are new to Photoshop you will know how difficult it can be to find simple and easy to follow tuts that will help you to get your feet wer, most tutorials are written for pros. Great post this, I would recommend it to any PS newbie.

Most Used and Abused Web Design Trends of All Time

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
Trend isn’t a bad word in web design. In fact, the items on this list inspired an entire generation of web designers. All of these ideas were so huge that they created a mass following. That’s a good thing. The problem comes when we’re happy to create a clone of a great design and let it rest at that. Great designers push themselves to be ahead of the trends, or they twist the trend into something uniquely their own.
As you look through this list, remember the reasons why you may have once loved these web design trends. It will help you understand why they were so popular, and what you can learn from them.

Future Designer laptop – ROLLTOP

The History and Evolution of Social Media

Twitter Design News Roundup N.06
In this article, from WebDesignerDepot, they review the history and evolution of social media from its humble beginnings to the present day.

8-bit trip

1500 hours of moving Legobricks and taking photos of them. Really cool.

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