This Weeks Twitter Design News Roundup N.07

In this weeks Twitter design news round-up, we have a couple of useful Internet Explorer CSS fixes, cheatsheets and a great indepth article, from Smashing Magazine, about the many differences between each version of IE 6, 7 and 8. Keeping with web design, there are also great resources for Lightboxes and a few inspirational showcases. Graphic design is covered in the shape of logo tutorials, and a nice text effect from Psdtuts+. In total there are 23 great resources, useful reading and some random design related findings.
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Ultimate IE6 Cheatsheet: How To Fix 25+ Internet Explorer 6 Bugs

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You're a web developer and you're ready to tear your hair out because you have to support Internet Explorer 6, but, to put it tactfully, IE6 doesn't support you. You've spent hours on it, but you just can't seem to get your layout right.
This cheatsheet/reference manual is a resource for anyone who has to deal with Internet Explorer 6. Essential bookmarking!

30 Impressive vCard Web Designs

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A vCard is an electronic business card that uses a standard format. Some people have taken to creating simple, typically one-page, sites that center around their vCard. These sites contain minimal content, usually just basic information about the individual (i.e. job title) and contact information (i.e. mailing addresses and links to social media profiles). In this collection, you’ll find some impressive vCard sites for inspiration.

8 ways to make WordPress easier to use for your clients

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If you use WordPress as a CMS for your clients’ websites, you’ve probably faced that issue: regular people find WordPress hard to use. Yes, it is quite user-friendly, but apparently not enough for people who double-click on links when browsing or worst, enter their website’s url in Google to get there. To make it easier for these people to maintain their own website, the author of this article, has suggested a few great tips.

CSS Differences in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8

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It is imperative that developers do thorough testing in all currently-used Internet Explorer browsers when working on websites for clients, and on personal projects that target a broader audience.
This article provides an exhaustive, easy-to-use reference for developers to know the differences in CSS support for IE6, IE7 and IE8.

7 Things Web Designers Hate Hearing from Clients

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One of the most difficult aspects of being a web designer is dealing with clients that "just don’t get it". In this article, there are seven things that often make the job of web designers difficult when dealing with unreasonable demands from clients. The goal in this article is not only to identify these common situations, but also to share with you some ways to avoid them and explain to your clients why their demands can’t or won’t be met.

Logo Design: 40+ Must Have Tutorials

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50 Brilliant Bird’s-Eye Photos

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In this showcase, you’ll find a variety of highly creative, beautiful, unique and inspirational photographs taken with a bird’s-eye view.

The A.T. Kearney Global Champions 2009

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Monsieur Cabinet

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Monsieur Cabinet is an excellent illustartion portfolio, well worth the ten minutes having a browse.

How to Create an Ice Text Effect with Photoshop – Psdtuts+

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create an ice effect completely from scratch using special Photoshop Brushes. This effect can be applied to any shape you want and can add some great style.

One by Four

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Great web design, I simply love the simplicity and coloring in this design.

Bidsketch – Design Proposal Software

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Bidsketch is an application that lets you create, track, customize, and design beautiful proposals. Multiple ways to present your proposals ensure clients get what they want. You can export to PDF or share online. Every client gets a portal that lets them view and comment on their proposals.

35 Mac Apps to Improve Your Web Browsing Experience

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Out of the box, your Mac is a powerful machine for making the most of everything the Internet has to offer, but there are a few tweaks, plugins and applications that can make it go a little bit further.

35 Smart Logos With Second Thought To Make You look Twice

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Programmers are tiny Gods?

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Reviewing Some Bad Google Search Results With Sergey Brin

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Please be patient – This Page is Under Construction!

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Free Slideshow, Gallery And Lightboxes Scripts

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For Web design projects, you may find yourself sometimes scrounging around for a simple yet useful image gallery and slideshow. But imagine having a huge collection of AJAX, JavaScript, Lightbox, CSS and Flash-based image galleries at your fingertips. This post will do the trick and provide you with all the resources you might need.

Top 20 Ways for Web Developers to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

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Climate change is greatly affected by our carbon footprint. As web developers, it may not seem that we make huge "footprints." We read our mail and news online (no paper), communicate with instant messenger and Skype (no stamps or letters), and many of us relax by watching video or TV shows online (no renting/buying physical DVDs). As a whole, web developers do a pretty good job reducing their carbon footprint.
Yet there are plenty of ways that we can reduce our carbon footprints even further and treat Mother Nature a bit better. After all, every little bit helps when it comes to becoming more environmentally responsible.
So here are twenty ways that web developers can reduce their carbon footprint each day. They're simple changes, but in the end they make a huge difference.

25 New & Useful PHP Techniques & Tutorials

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PHP is the most popular server side scripting language among developers, its reasonably easy to learn, its free and it has a large and ever increasing helpful community. In this post there are 25 useful PHP techniques and tutorials, most of which have been published only this year.

404 Error Pages for Your Viewing Pleasure

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No one likes seeing the dreaded error page on a website. It usually occurs when a link is bad. Error pages, also known by their street name as 404 pages, are depressing. As a way to defuse any ill feelings, many web designers came up with a simple yet smart solution– customizing a 404 error page. As simple as it may seem, a customized error page will make a visitor feel like you care about their user experience on your website.


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I am loving this soon to be released mobile, shame its Windows Mobile!

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