This Weeks Twitter Design News Roundup N.08

In this weeks Twitter design news round-up there are a fair few useful resources, tutorials, inspirational artworks and even a small guide on when to use Comic Sans.
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9 Useful Twitter Retweet Button Scripts For Blogs

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Twitter Retweet Counters are on almost every web page, so that your readers can share your blog posts, via Twitter, with ease. In this post, the author, has listed the best Twitter sharing widgets, retweet counters for your Blogs/Websites.

Lovely Charts

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OK, so this isn't exactly a fresh resource. But, I did have a reason to use it last week, and loved it. Basically, it is an online diagram tool that can be used for flowcharts, diagrams or sitemaps. Very easy to use.

CSS Web Design Gallery iPhone Application

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Now I have not got and iPhone, but thought this was cool.
With hundreds of web page design galleries out there, it's hard to keep tabs on all the latest trends. With CSS Gallery for your iPhone, you can easily browse, save and share cutting-edge CSS web design examples.

WordPress Theme Building Cheat Sheet

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Ninite Easy PC Setup and Multiple App Installer

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This free web service has been a long time coming. Scroll down the page and select which apps you want to download and click install. The installer downloads all the latest versions of the apps and installs them as well. It install apps with there default settings and always say "no" to browser toolbars and other junk.

Learn how to Create a Retro Animated Flip-Down Clock

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an animated flip down clock inspired by the 70's. Using the Mootools framework, you will replicate the flip action of the pads and make it as lifelike as possible.

Badass Batman Illustrations

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Who's the most badass all human superhero in comic books? Yeahh, the Batman! He's only got his ultra high tech armor and gadgets, and fights crime with his bare hands! We all love the caped crusader.

10+ Reasons Why you Should Definitely Upgrade to Windows 7

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Not sure as yet, I will wait a while.

Rich Typography On The Web: Techniques and Tools

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Let’s face it: Web-safe fonts are very limiting. Maybe a dozen fonts are out there that are widely enough adopted to be considered “Web safe,” and those ones aren’t exactly spectacular for much other than body type. Sure, Georgia, Arial or Times New Roman work just fine for the bulk of the text on your website, but what if you want something different for, let’s say, headings? Or pull quotes? What then?

40 Adobe Illustrator Text Effect Tutorials

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Ok, I wrote this post for Noupe. I thought I would share it.

WordPress Website Design Process for IT-IS Ltd

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This post takes you through the process involved in redesigning and rebuilding, and used the WordPress application to cover the core functionality of the site. You can take a look at the process of tweaking WordPress to transform it from a blogging platform to taking on the job of a typical Content Management System.

20 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Web Design

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When you are creating a website (or hiring a web/blog designer to create one for you), there are specific items you need to be aware of. Things that normally wouldn’t cross your mind. For the average person who wants a website or blog for their business, they are after one very important thing – sales. Now, they may tell you that they want the big flashy logos, or the overdone textures/gradients, but it is the job of a well skilled web designer to steer their clients in the right direction.

Should you use Comic Sans?

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