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As per usual, in this weeks Twitter Design News Round-Up we have some great web design tips, tutorials and resources, including a magnificent HTML5 reference. We also have a couple of great Photoshop tutorials and a few odd-ball resources which should amuse you.
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What Does It All Mean? – Dive Into HTML5

Twitter Design News Round-Up

Artistic Expression: Logo Design from Start to Finish

Twitter Design News Round-Up
Logo design in today’s world is totally underrated. People don’t understand how important a good logo is and how valuable it is to their business. This article will guide you through the basics of what makes a good logo, while also walking you through the process of creating the identity and logo design

10 stunning 3D buildings made with Google SketchUp

Twitter Design News Round-Up
Among all the free tools that Google produces, Google's 3D modeling software, SketchUp, has to be one of the best and most addicting. These 10 models were selected from Google's 3D Warehouse, its online library of thousands of models created by SketchUp users.

Insane Gadgets or Genius: You Be The Judge

Twitter Design News Round-Up
So many times you see or hear about a new gadget that makes you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” And then there are times when we hear about a new gadget and say, “What the heck were they thinking?”
Some of these gadgets seem crazy, silly and downright insane; yet, some seem quite ingenious.

50+ Useful CSS Professional Techniques

Twitter Design News Round-Up

How To Create Great Typographic Wallpaper In Photoshop

Twitter Design News Round-Up
This tutorial will teach you how to create a really interesting and unique typographic wallpaper in a few easy steps.

13 Really Useful Online CSS Tools to Streamline Development

Twitter Design News Round-Up
CSS is almost always used on every modern website design. However, having to write and structure CSS code from scratch every time you have a project can be extremely time consuming. In this post there are 13 amazingly useful CSS tools to be more productive with development.

Learn how to AJAXify Comment Forms

Twitter Design News Round-Up
In this tutorial you will build a simple, boring contact form and add some animations and an AJAX post request to submit the form to your MySQL database asynchronously.

43 New Typography Wallpapers For Type Fanatics

Twitter Design News Round-Up


Twitter Design News Round-Up
Nice selection of tutorials, resources and a host of freebies for developers and designers from Drawingclouds.

Best Practices for 6 Common User Interface Elements

Twitter Design News Round-Up
This article discusses some best practices and usability traits of six user interface elements and the conventions for each, so that developers can create user experiences that are both beautiful and simple.

A Collection of 120+ Plugins, Clips, Snippets and Tuts For Designers and Developers

Ten Tips for Becoming a Better WordPress Developer

Twitter Design News Round-Up

Invoice Like A Pro: Examples and Best Practices

Twitter Design News Round-Up
So here are some general guidelines, best practices and examples that will help you make sure your invoices are up to spec.

30 Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorials Every Designer Will Love

Twitter Design News Round-Up

Today I hired a new designer, this is how we set him up ….

Twitter Design News Round-Up

Practical Guide to 404 Error Pages: What WordPress is Missing

Twitter Design News Round-Up
Instead of just identifying the problem, your 404 page needs to offer a solution. The goal of a good 404 page is simple: to make sure visitors landing on it continue browsing your site, and find the content they came for. This article offers solutions.

6 Ways To Take Your Webdesign From Good To Great

Twitter Design News Round-Up
The difference between good and great webdesign is relatively small. The average person may not be able to explain the tangible differences that make up great design, but they can usually spot a design they like. By examining some awesome sites, this article attempts to put my finger on some of the small details that make up the difference.

Web Typography: Font Embedding Services

Twitter Design News Round-Up
There are a lot of options out there for using other-than-websafe fonts in your website designs. Dynamic text replacement methods or resorting to very long fontstacks (where most of your visitors won’t see the font you wanted anyway) have long been the standard for using anything other than websafe fonts.
But the @font-face function changes all that. With most major, modern browsers now compatible with it, services are cropping up all over for providing the fonts you want to embed on your site without eating up your bandwidth and server space.

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