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Again, we have another selection of cool resources that we have tweeted about in the past week.
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Freebies: Social Media Icons for Your Blog

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Google Chrome OS To Launch Within A Week

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Google’s Chrome OS project, first announced in July, will become available for download within a week, Techcrunch has heard from a reliable source. Google had previously said to expect an early version of the OS in the fall, keep an eye out for it.

10 Ways for Designers to Boost Productivity

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All designers who wish to succeed at one point or another aim for ways to boost their productivity levels. Many of us spend a great deal of time searching for the right tools, and a lot of these end up setting you back one way or another. Part of being a designer also means you’ll have to deal with criticism. And as you begin to gain more experience you’ll soon realize that you’re your best critic. In order to boost your level of production you’ll need to asses the areas in which you need to improve on.

Print Design to Web Design: Comparative Analogies

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In some ways working in InDesign is similar to CSS, and in some of the ways it’s not. In this article from CSS Tricks, they explore the similarities and the differences.

The Best Free Icon Sets of 2009

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In 2009 we’ve witnessed many talented and generous designers creating tons of amazing stuff and giving it away for us to use. There were plenty of free sets created this year, and this collection from WDL does a damn good job in bringing the best all together.

15 Top Tips for Band Photography

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This simple 15 step guide aims to give you an insight into the world or music photography, both for promo portrait shots and in a live setting.

50 Sketchy Vector Drawings Made with Vibrant Lines

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We commonly think of vector graphics as super clean lines made up of simple geometric shapes. This is far from the limit to what you can do with vectors though. There are lots of inspirational artists creating sketchy vector work made up of high energy vibrant lines. If you like your vectors rough, then check this post out.

Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website

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This article discusses the importance of social interaction for a web site. It asks the question, Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website? And discusses the Advantages of Social Interaction. Good reading.

How to Create a XML and HTML Sitemap for WordPress

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If you are a webmaster and know a thing or two about SEO, then you should know that having a Sitemap on a website can be very helpful. There are two types of sitemap that you can make. One is a XML sitemap and then there is an HTML Sitemap. In this article theyl share the WordPress plugins youwill need to create an XML and HTML Sitemap.

20 Free Mac Apps For Web Designer’s Toolkit

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60 Trendy Web Design Interfaces Created In October

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This article has a great round-up of the best interface mockups found on Deviantart in October.

Color: The Next Limited Resource?

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As a designer, it is important to be aware of the trending colors, and how they are being applied in products and work produced today. What really isn’t being discussed by the design world at large though are the limitations being set on color. Color is as free for us to use as the air we breathe… or is it?

40 Free High-Quality WordPress Themes

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Simply-Buttons v2

Twitter News – Royalty Free Stock Photography Search Engine

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