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As usual we have a mixed bag of resources for you to browse and rummage through. There is a lot of good reading, inspirational posts, freebie downloads and if you stumbled on this page looking for My Little Ponies, well… we have them as well.
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What You Need To Know About Behavioral CSS

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CSS 3 properties like border-radius, box-shadow, and text-shadow are starting to gain momentum in WebKit (Safari, Chrome, etc.) and Gecko (Firefox) browsers. They are already creating more lightweight pages and richer experiences for users, not to mention that they degrade pretty gracefully; but they are only the tip of the iceberg of what we can do with CSS 3.
In this article, they take those properties a step further and explore transformations, transitions, and animations. They go over the code itself, available support and some examples to show exactly how these new properties improve not only your designs but the overall user experience.

CSS Techniques I Wish I Knew When I Started Designing Websites

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The authotrs of this article, on Noupe, have put together a list of the most frustrating and time-consuming CSS headaches and, more importantly, provided solutions (along with examples and further resources).

Is The User Experience Overrated?

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What constitutes a usable design? How do you get them to interact with your website the way you want them to? Not only do we have to learn how users think, but also how they adapt to new techniques as they are introduced. Is one method more effective than another? Is the new way really better than the old?

50+ Beautiful Collection of Creative Typography

Twitter Design News

The Philosophy of Design

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“Design” and “Designer” – are words that are often used rather liberally to refer to the profession or craft of “making functional and perceivably attractive things”. Design in its contemporary linguistic usage bears an almost absolute resonance with “beautiful aesthetics”; a connection, which is understandable but inherently myopic. Design is creativity and beauty but also much more.

100 epic images from Hubble Space Telescope

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The Hubble Space Telescope, named after astronomer Edwin Hubble and launched into space in 1990, has since taken almost 200,000 pictures of the Universe which have been released to the public. In this gallery there are over 100 epic images, compiled from NASA, The Hubble Heritage Project, Space Telescope Science Institute, and NASA APOD.

Evolution of 50 Corporate Brand logos

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Do you know the reason behind the small cut in the Apple logo? Or did you ever wonder what the Microsoft logo looked 20 years ago? Or perhaps you might have wondered what the BMW logo actually means? Well, In this article, thay have shared 50 corporate logo remakes which takes us back to the beginning years when history was about to be crafted. The exact meaning of the some of the logos is quite tricky while others are absolutely astonishing.

45 Creative Examples of My Little Pony Customization

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My Little Pony – Yes, they are toys for little girls, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a source of awesome creative inspiration. This collection of talented artists show how imagination and skill can transform the popular kids toy into amazing customized designer toys.

The 15 Best Articles For Designers in 2009

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What a great year it has been for design related articles. So many new blogs, new blog writers, great content, great resources, a lot of inspiration, it really has never been a better time to be a designer. In this round-up, from Design Reviver, they have collected fifteen of the most popular design related articles from 2009. There are great resources for fonts, Photoshop, web design templates, as well as amazing web design and graphic design tutorials.

25 Beautiful Free PSD Files to Download

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In this post, they have collected 25 .psd files which you can easily download and reuse. This collection comprises of some interesting cards, special effect files, templates and many more.

Incredible Examples of Snowflake Photography

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With a decent camera and zoom or macro lens, things you wouldn’t normally pay too much attention to becomes a complete world in themselves, making them a magnificent source of inspiration for artists and designers all over the world. In this article, they have collected some incredible close-up/macro shots of snowflakes to really get the arty-side of you in full flow this Christmas season.

A Top View of Tokyo

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The metropolis that is Tokyo has an abundance of energy, and its cityscape captured by photographer, SATO Shintaro, in this showcase, shows maintained exquisite balance intermingled with existence of people in the city.

23 creative and amazing bike designs

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Most Notable Features in WordPress 2.9

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Long awaited WordPress 2.9 has been finalized by the developers and it is put out for download as a release candidate. Some of you might be wondering what is a release candidate. A release candidate is when the developers feel that all features that were to be added during the beta version are added, and this version could potentially be made official except it can use some extra testing for bugs.

How to Build a Shopping Cart using CodeIgniter and jQuery

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CodeIgniter is an open source PHP web application framework with a lot of features. Recently, thanks to the latest update, a new feature was added to this framework, called the Cart Class. In this tutorial, you're going to take advantage of this new class, and write a shopping cart system, with a touch of jQuery added in.

Musings on Paginating Chronological Content

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Pagination is a metaphor. It is a way to break up content onto multiple pages when putting it all on one would be to overwhelming or resource intensive. Google’s approach has defined how we think about pagination, and thus what we feel to be intuitive. But to what end?

22 Greyscale Brochure Design Inspiration

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Sometimes, using less color is all you need to create an impressive brochure design. Keeping your brochures simple allows readers to focus completely on the design. In this post they’re highlighting fresh and clean brochure designs to inspire your next printing project.

60+ Creative & Inspirational Newsletter Design

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As web designers, we know how to build a modern, semantic and accessibility-oriented website, with proper XHTML and CSS. We understand all the necessary ingredients in making a good website and their implementation. How about creating an equally good newsletter that matches its company’s standard. In this article there is an amazing list of over 60 beautiful newsletter designs.

Animated Sharing Bar With jQuery & CSS

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With this tutorial you can learn to use pure JavaScript with the jQuery framework, to make an animated sharing bar, which will enable your website visitors to share posts on a number of social networks.

10 Ways to speed up your website

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There is nothing more frustrating for a user than waiting an age for a web page to load. Even in today’s world of high speed broadband it is imperative that you build your web pages to load as fast as possible. None of your user’s want to sit waiting for a page to load.
In this guide, the author, describes, 10 ways in which you can dramatically speed up your website and keep user’s with the slowest of internet connections happy and keep them returning for more.

55+ The Best Advertisement Campaigns by adsoftheworld

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Really Simple Browser Detection with jQuery

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Design a Clean Portfolio Website Layout in Photoshop

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40 Inspirational Black and White Photos

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