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You may be a talented and creative designer and you may be a designer that can effectively and professionally manage a corporate project, but how can you get the opportunity to do so? Or, what if you or your business requires the creatives services of a designer, how can you find the creative or design agency that is perfect for the needs of your project?

The answer lies with a web service call DesignCrowd, they can answer all of those questions and easily bridge the gap between creative designer and the needs of the clients and their businesses. With 12,000 designers on there database you are guaranteed to get the design you need.

What is DesignCrowd?

DesignCrowdIn a nutshell, DesignCrowd is a design contest and design outsourcing website that gives creative people the opportunities and aids businesses in getting the best design possible: It is a crowdsourcing service for everything from logo design to web design to t-shirt design.

DesignCrowd aspires to shake up the graphic design, marketing and advertising industries. They believe creativity exists everywhere and that reputation counts for nothing. There believe is that great creativity can come from an agency or maybe even the person sitting next to you. Carl Jung believed in the Collective Unconcious, DesignCrowd believes in Collective Creativity. Everyone can get a chance and your success is dictated by your actions.

How is DesignCrowd different?

Here is how DesignCrowd is different:

1. For people that need to outsource design
a. Crowdsourcing – DesignCrowd is different from other marketplaces (like elance) because it offers ‘crowdsourcing’ – the ability to get designs and concepts from multiple designers around the world. DesignCrowd is unique because it offers the choice between two project types – design contests (crowdsourcing) and 1-to-1 quote jobs.
b.White Labeled Engine – DesignCrowd has a purpose built service for design studios who have their own clients who want to outsource behind-the-scenes.
2. For designers
a. Opportunity – DesignCrowd offers the ability to market yourself around the world and get paid on the merit of your design. You don’t need to submit a cheap quote or show a massive portfolio and client testimonials. Just rock up and submit a great design.
b. Fairer Design Contests – As opposed to other ‘design contest websites’, DesignCrowd offers participation payments that can be reserved and guaranteed, even if your design isn’t selected.


DesignCrowds Outsourcing Engine

If you’re outsourcing work, you can share all of your designs or just a selected few with clients via one of the many white labeled options. You can customize your brand by uploading your logo and white label to your own personalized page, were you can easily share designs with clients using one of the multiple formats (email / PDF / Web) at multiple resolutions.
Don’t be disheartened if your design is not selected straight away, you are given the opportunity to extend the deadline.

DesignCrowd pays you any earnings with almost any currency (US dollars, Euro, Sterling, Australian dollars…) via PayPal, less the 10% commission fee that DesignCrowd recieves.
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The Outsource Engine offers an outsourcing graphic design service that is custom built for use by design studios, web developers and brand consultants who want to outsource design work that they don’t want to execute themselves.

If you want to outsource a design (logo, PSD website, banner ad or whatever!), register first (it’s very quick and free), and then describe your project and set the budget. Now you can sit back and relax, and let DesignCrowd do the hard work for you.
They will publish your brief privately with the discrete nature of the outsourcing engine, so that it’s hidden from Google and that only registered designers will be able to view it. After a short while you will start to receive scores of designs and concepts from designers around the world. You will have the opportunity to request revisions, you can send private feedback to designers and eliminate designs as you start to create a shortlist of your favorites. And from this you can choose the best design and download the industry standard files immediately. And only then will payment be released to the designer.

You can view some example galleries here: Design Gallery – Best Designs.
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Example Project Contest Screenshots

Click on the screenshots below, and view the example contests and how they work:


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