Easier Web Browsing with this Selection of Powerful Bookmarklets

A bookmarklet is a tiny JavaScript application contained within a URL, designed to add a one-click functionality to a web page that will allow you to alter not just your own web page but any page that you choose.
The functions that they can perform vary – you could do perform a quick search for you, they could even extract some data from a page or they can change the look and layout of a web page – which is what we are focusing on in this article.

There are, of course, many extensions and addons for the major browsers, that can perform similar tasks, but none will work with the simplicity as the bookmarklets below, and all of the extensions will use far more resources to function and load and will in some way slow down your browsing experience.

Each of the bookmarklets below, have been developed with one thing in mind: Make your web browsing experience better, quicker and easier.
It is really amazing how much usefulness you can take from such a small Javascript URL… You will be surprised…

Please note that this is really, really old, and thus has been removed.

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