Medialoot Competition Winner Information Announced

Last month we published the competition MediaLoot Competition – 5 Free Year Long Licenses up for grabs, the competition has now ended and it is now time to announce the winners.


Thanks to everyone for there suggestions and comments, they were all great. But we did have to pick five winners, which was pretty hard. And to everyone that hasn’t won, all we can say is that better luck next time, and good luck with any of our future competitions.

The Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners and hopefully you would have by now received the winner comfirmation email.

Winner: Xavi.
Comment: I would like to see some illustrations based in a concept on Media Loot, rather than some singular dolls or flowers (all seen in websites of this kind).
Other unique stuff hard to find are those pictures or illustrations to use on top or bottom of websites that have indefinitely width through repeating side pixels of those images.

Winner: Tuomas Leppänen.
Comment: I’d love to see high quality PSD resources containing Icons, website structures like menus, headers, fields etc. Would be also nice to see vectors in AI format.
Logo templates are always nice but mostly for inspiration so I’d leave those out.
Section for 3D-elements to be used on website would be lovely and definitely make it stand out as its one of rising trends on webdesign but there is not much resources on that subject.

Winner: Cari.
Comment: Everything!! Icons, backgrounds, textures, layouts, print templates, web and email templates, modern calendar templates (hard to find!)…
Packages of a few resources compiled together would be sweet! Like a one stop shop – get your web template, email template, business card template, etc that are all the same design style and work well together. Badda-bing, badda-boom… your ready to go!

Winner: Carlos.
Comment: I’m definitely going gaga over MediaLoot the past week as I continually see a lot of resources that I actually need being added there! If there is anything I would like to see at MediaLoot, that would be more vector (ai/eps) resources and some more tile-able backgrounds. I’m not really that good with hand-drawn illustrations so I usually go to the experts when I need one.

Winner: R. Mostyn Adams.
Comment: Yeah Giddaye – love the concept of collective might.
Finding the right tool for the job can be time consuming (and expensive). While I have a craving for fonts, borders, brushes, icons (iphone), textures, vectors and vids – it is finding the things that drives me to chocolate.
Colour matching resources is a feature that would be cool. Good stock indexed with matching templates and icons (by pantone. CYMK or RGB Hex) – or just visual swatches.
It’s not just colour matching – it is making the resources easier to find. For example sometimes I am looking for a large brush or texture, other times, some templates in a specific palate.
Therefore, providing more searchable information regarding the resources will improve my productivity. Imagine selecting a resource type, choosing a swatch (or palette), maybe putting in some size requirements, scan the options, select and download. Suggestions could then be offered on other resources that match (by color, resolution) that have similarities to the item downloaded.

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