A Review of the Best and Most Intuitive Flash CMS Solutions

Despite the rumors, Flash websites are still very much popular. Flash does provide a unique and rich user experience with its amazing animations, unique effects, its somewhat genius interactivity. Yes, Flash can be beautiful, but it is also very difficult to learn and is certainly very difficult to easily update (especially for clients) and maintain.

For the past few years Flash developers have been struggling to create a powerful and intuitive content management system, which would allow the developer to quickly manage and maintain there Flash sites, and also a system in which the basic end-user could edit and update their Flash websites with little or no Flash knowledge.

There are two main types of Flash content management systems at the moment: Web based Flash CMS and desktop based Flash CMS. The first type, web based CMSes are apps similar to WordPress, Joomla…, where both the website and the admin panel are accessed online and the website files are updated directly on the server. The second type, desktop based CMSes, are software that allows you to manage Flash templates locally and then publish them to a server by FTP.

There are an enormous amount of various Flash CMS platforms available, in this article we take a closer look at its leading and most popular CMS solutions and products.

Desktop Based Flash CMS:

Mint Editor

mint editor flash cms
Mint Editor is a native product of the FlashMint company, it was originally developed to be used with a specific type of templates. The application is installed on the client side and does allow yo to edit multiple templates and open them as separate projects.

Mint Editor “Positive” features:
• Does not require installation;
• Can be used to edit multiple templates;
• No need for an internet connection (works offline);
• Simple intuitive interface;
• Built in FTP uploader;
• Handy WYSIWYG editor;
• SEO friendly pages with support for deep linking;
• Template colors customization options.

Mint Editor “negative” features:
• Run on Windows only;
• Limited admin panel abilities;
• Limited number of flash components;
• No control over effects and animations.

Mint Editor Demos & Downloads:
Mint Editor Demo »
Mint Editor Homepage & Downloads »

Aurora Flash Builder

aurora flash builder
Aurora Flash is a flash CMS very much similar to Mint Editor (above), and it’s completely free. As this is a non-commercial project, the application is very much more simpler in comparison, however it has its own list of ready-built flash templates.

Aurora Flash Builder “Positive” features:
• Completely FREE;
• Comes with a set of pre-built templates;
• Homepage is regularly updated with fresh free templates;
• Simple intuitive interface;
• Has built in FTP uploader;
• No dependancy on the internet connection (works offline);
• Handy WYSIWYG editor;
• Support for most languages.

Aurora Flash Builder “Negative” features:
• Requires to be installed;
• Limited admin panel abilities;
• Limited number of flash components;
• No control over template layout;
• Cannot run on a non-Windows platform;
• Does not have any premium templates yet;

Aurora Flash Builder Demos & Downloads:
Aurora Flash Builder Homepage, Downloads & Templates »

Web Based Flash CMS:


FlashMoto is a big big name on the Flash CMS market. They have the quite possibly the most powerful Flash CMS ever.
Each FlashMoto premium Flash template is packed with a sophisticated admin panel, which will allow you to edit the template in detail. You can gain access to almost every part of your templates design, and allow you to dramatically affect the resulting appearance.
However the one major negative issue with FlashMoto is its installation process, it can be very very tricky, especially if you are not a seasoned Flash guru. However some hosting providers are already selling complex solutions, where you can buy your hosting with a pre-installed FlashMoto CMS.

FlashMoto “Positive” features:
• Multilingual;
• Attractive GUI;
• Powerful admin panel;
• Amazing and powerful premium templates;
• great WYSIWYG editor.

FlashMoto “Negative” features:
• Complex installation process;
• Admin panel may seem to complex for the end users;
• High price;
• Lack of comprehensive documentation.

FlashMoto Demos & Downloads:
FlashMoto Demo »
FlashMoto Homepage & Downloads »

Royale CMS

Royale CMS
Royale CMS is the strongest competitor to FlashMoto. It is being used by some huge corporate names like Nokia, Reebok, Sony, etc. The main advantage of Royale CMS is that it is ridiculously well structured. It may not allow you to manage your template design, but when it comes to editing content of some custom flash website – Royale CMS is the perfect backend manager. In fact, they do not offer any templates at all. Royale CMS is basically a system to manage your website XML data.
It is a very useful and handy solution.

Royale CMS “Positive” features:
• Easy intuitive admin interface;
• handy WYSIWYG;
• Easy media management;
• Automatic image cropping.

Royale CMS “Negative” features:
• You won’t be able to add it to your flash template unless you are a flash developer;
• Absolutely no control over template design;
• No ready-made templates available;
• High price.

Royale CMS Demos & Downloads:
Royale CMS Homepage & Downloads »

Silex Open-Source Flash CMS

silex flash cms
Silex is the first popular French Flash CMS and it’s completely free and open source! Silex is rapidly evolving, due to the international community actively contributing to its development.
Not only can you manage a Flash based web site, with SILEX you can also: create CD-ROMs, manage databases, customizing WordPress blogs, web TV, importing webmaster tools. Silex is a one of a kind mix between editing software and wiki based software.

Silex CMS “Positive” features:
• Its completely FREE & open source;
• More thank just a Flash CMS (you can also cerate CD-ROMs, manage databases, customizing WordPress blogs…);
• Multilingual support;
• Handy WYSIWYG;
• Automatic SEO system;
• Lots of free themes and components;
• Powerful admin interface.

Silex CMS “Negative” features:
• A little bit buggy;
• Built with Flash 8;
• Not very user friendly.

Silex CMS Demos & Downloads:
Silex CMS Homepage & Downloads »
Silex CMS Demo »

Yooba CMS

yooba flash cms
The sleek admin interface of Yooba Flash CMS will somewhat remind you of a mix between Powerpoint and the Adobe Creative Suite. The main advantage of Yooba CMS is its design capabilities. You are allowed to edit images, texts, transitions, animations and sounds. It will allow you to easily create forms, which support lists, dropdowns, combo boxes, etc.
Moreover Yooba can be integrated into your existing content management system to add Flash content where it is needed. However, this CMS is held hostage by a hosting model, you’ll need to purchase a full hosting solution to be able to use it.

Yooba CMS “Positive” features:
• No limitations in terms of content design;
• Integration with third party CMS systems;
• Lots of tutorials and support;
• Easy to use and intuitive interface;
• Allows for importing custom .fla files;
• Support for music/graphics/videos/pictures.

Yooba CMS “Negative” features:
• Obligatory specialized hosting purchase;
• Does not have its own templates;
• Very complex in terms of integration options.

Yooba CMS Demos & Downloads:
Yooba CMS Homepage & Downloads »
Yooba CMS Demo »

…and to sum up…

Sure there are a lot more Flash CMSes that are worth a little attention, but the ones that are described above are true leaders of the market and each of them offers a unique approach to Flash content management. We hope this article will give you a little bit more insight into Flash CMSes, and will help you make the right choice.

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