Share the status of just about anything with Know!

Anyone who’s worked in design long enough knows keeping clients updated on project status can be a chore. While most project management systems are great for keeping projects on-track internally, they often lack the ability to keep stakeholders informed of just what they care about at a glance. What’s the best solution? A spreadsheet? Google Doc?

Puh-leese. So 2005.

Enter Know! a new web-app from GreyGoo Media allowing anyone to create elegant, highly-functional dashboards to convey just the status details your clients care about. It’s also great for designers who publish consumer apps (web, mobile, etc.), keeping users up-to-speed on new features being worked on and slated release dates.

Share the status of just about anything with Know!


Features & Benefits of Know!

Know! is fast and easy to use. A minimal registration form gets you into managing your first “Know! Board” quickly. Depending on how you work, you can create one for each project or create one for all your projects. Know! pre-loads a set of status labels, but you can edit these or add your own. You’ll appreciate the clean sleek interface, with purely CSS-driven boards that are quick to load. Here are some of its awesome features:

  • • Select one of four board themes with the ability to set color scheme and add a logo
  • • Add optional team members
  • • Follow boards and get notified of updates via email, RSS, or Twitter
  • • Export board contents in Excel or PDF
  • • Share boards via email, Twitter and Facebook
  • • View boards as a simple list or with full details

Know! Screenshots

Portrait Photos Logo
Portrait Photos Logo
Portrait Photos Logo

Getting Started with Know!

Sign-up for a free, fully-functional account and publish a board within minutes. There’s a help section if you get stuck, and a link to a user forum to ask questions or suggest new features. Free accounts allow up to 2 boards, but you can also upgrade to pro or unlimited editions if you need to publish additional boards.

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In Conclusion

Know! is currently in private-beta but has given all Speckyboy readers access to sign-up free using the links in this post (or, just click here:Signup), so let us know what you think. GreyGoo intends to keep basic accounts perpetually free with no restrictions other than the number of published boards. You can follow Know! on Twitter @knowapp or email them at

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