Simplebooklet – Dead Simple and Free Booklet Creator

We’ve always loved those jQuery slideshow scroller tools and the cool things you could do with them. But let’s face it, they aren’t always the easiest things to get creative with, often limited by how they can be formatted and what content they can handle. We set out to build a webapp that could let anyone make their own web slideshow scroller, with any content they want, in a layout they have total control over, without ever having to type a single line of code. Simplebooklet was born.

Simplebooklet – Dead Simple and Free Booklet Creator

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It allows you to make dead simple flipbooks, brochures, flyers, storyboards, and product guides for your clients and even for yourselves. You’ll quickly get your concepts from idea to reality in a publishing environment with unbelievable flexibility.

A simplebooklet really is dead simple to make. You’ll never have to type a single line of code (but you can if you want) to create a rich, dynamic booklet full of your own content and style. When you’ve created your masterpiece, our publishing options allow you to leverage tonnes of web channels to share your creation. You can even embed it in your client’s webpage or send it as a rich html email. You never have to worry about hosting as your booklet stored in the simplebooklet cloud.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out this simplebooklet embedded below.

We have a passion for the potential of webapps and the desire to make tools accessible to those who don’t have a computer science degree. Simplebooklet is an ongoing project we work on during our free time because we think its great to create stuff people think is useful and fun. Of course, we want people to invest their creativity in simplebooklet’s just as we have, so we have ensured that all our infrastructure and support is nothing short of the best (thank you Amazon EC2).

Simplebooklet features and Outstanding Attributes

There are a lot of cool things about the simplebooklet app; you can add almost any kind of content to your simplebooklet pages, then drag and drop, resize, layer and style each piece of content to create the look and layout you want. All of this without ever typing a single line of code.

Your creation is saved and hosted in the simplebooklet cloud, so you never have to worry about hosting it yourself, and you can always access it from any web ready browser.

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We’ve focused on ensuring that you have a lot of channels to publish your simplebooklet. From rich html emails to embed code to add it to a blog or website, to short URLs to share on twitter and your favorite social network, there ae lots of ways to get your booklet out there.

Getting Started with Simplebooklet

It’s easy to start using the webapp. Go to and click “Create” in the toolbar. Give your booklet a name, and then click anywhere on the blank page to start adding content. Drag, drop, resize, layer and click the small paintbrush to add style to your content. Each piece of content you add is treated as a separate element that you can manipulate however you want. Click the page curl and start adding content to another page. Soon, page after page, you’ll have a pretty great looking simplebooklet.

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Anytime you create a simplebooklet, or even just read one from someone else, it will be automatically saved in your “my booklets” menu in the toolbar. Remember to sign up for a free account to make your personal library of booklets available on any browser.

Don’t worry, if you get stuck, there is a helpful product guide simplebooklet behind the question mark tool in the toolbar.

Developer Conclusion

We hope to keep developing Simplebooklet for a long time, but we can’t do that without your help. Please try us out and give us as much feedback as possible. It’s the great ideas and feature suggestions that help us decide how simplebooklet should grow.

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