Threadless Vouchers Competition Winner Information

Last weeks we published the really cool competition 3 x $30 Threadless Vouchers Competition, it has now closed and it is now time to announce the winners.

Thanks to Threadless for allowing us to run this competition, and a big thank you to all of our readers who left a comment. Sadly we could only pick (at random) only three lucky winners. And to everyone that hasn’t won, all we can say is that better luck next time, and good luck with any of our future competitions.

The good news is that you can buy this must have book (reasonably priced) from here: The paperback from Amazon for $15.30, for only £8 from Amazon UK, or you can buy directly from Threadless for only $15.

Anyway, congratulations to our winners, here they are:

The Winners

Winner Name: Myles
Comment URL: Comment 329978 →
Winning Comment: “mmmm t-shirts…”

Winner Name: Benjamin Hahn
Comment URL: Comment 329854 →
Winning Comment: “New shirts!!! :)”

Winner Name: Sabina
Comment URL: Comment 331442 →
Winning Comment: “I will get blue screen of death t-shirt!!!!”

if you haven’t as yet received the winning information email, please get in touch with us here: Contact

About the book is the phenomenally successful T-shirt company with millions and millions of tees sold since it began in 2000. It pioneered the online business model of crowd-sourced or community-driven design, in which people submit designs that are voted on by the site’s 1 million users and printed. Over the past 10 years, the company has amassed a vast archive of very cool, very hip, and often very entertaining designs, and Threadless is a spectacular showcase of 400 of the very best T-shirts created by the community–a barometer of art and design over the past decade.

Ten Years of T-shirts from the Worlds Most Inspiring Online Design Community

Much more than a book of extraordinary graphics, Threadless tells the extremely interesting story that inspired Inc. magazine to hail as “the most innovative small company in America.” There are also profiles of individual designers and “think pieces” from influential admirers, including design guru John Maeda, Jeff Howe of Wired, and bestselling business/marketing writer Seth Godin.

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