Beautiful and Simple Image Collages with Photovisi is a free online service that makes it easy to create your own photo collages online, offering several creative templates and options.

While many different services exist online to creatively process your photos, most of them are just for short-term fun. Photovisi offers a wide range of several high quality collage designs and styles. By focusing on the quality of the end result, a lot of collages created with Photovisi end up for longer-term enjoyment, either as print or just as a digital image.

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Photovisi Features

What makes Photovisi different is that it’s very easy to create something that looks good instantaneously, while at the same time allowing everything to be customized as to give it your own personal touch.

Another feature that can make your collage more personal is the ability to use any connected webcam or camera as a source for images. Take a template with 30 photo slots, for example. By using the webcam as an input source, you can set the auto shutter function to snap a fresh image every second, filling up a complete collage in 30 seconds with live material.

Here are Photovisi’s most important features:

  • • Wide assortment of collage templates and styles.
  • • Easy selection and manipulation of elements and photos.
  • • Instant photo insertion, no need to wait for the uploading of photos.
  • • Add extra elements to the collage from the shapes menu, customized to the style of the template design.
  • • Add your own text in different font styles.
  • • Different resolution outputs, up to 1920×1440.
  • • Directly connect your webcam or camera, to fill a collage automatically in a few seconds with a dozen of shots.

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Getting Started

Getting started is very easy. First, visit and choose one of the many templates. Next, add your own photos to make it unique, with options to edit images however you like. Finally, once the collage is saved, it can be downloaded and shared with the world.

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Developer Conclusion

While most of you are trained enough to make your own designed collages with tools like Illustrator, we hope to give some of your friends and family who are not savvy with design tools a way to be creative too. We’re always looking for Illustrator designers with great ideas for templates and want who to work with us, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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