Design Cocktail III Bundles Competition Winners Announced

Last Friday we published the huge competition, 10 Design Cocktail III Bundles (value of $904) up for grabs. It has now sadly ended and it is time to announce the winners.

Thanks to for allowing us to publish this awesome competition, and an evener bigger thank you to all of our readers who entered and left a comment. Sadly we could only pick (at random) only ten winners. And to everyone that hasn’t won, all we can say is that better luck next time, and good luck with any of our future competitions.

Don’t forget you can still buy the Design Cocktail III Bundle, it is still available for one more day. You had better hurry!

Anyway, congratulations to our TEN winners, here they are:

The Winners

Winner Name: David Joaquin
Comment URL: Comment 391625 →
Winning Comment:Me (The Designer): “So here is your finished poster… I primarily used negative space to create tension and guide the eye in an appropriate hierarchy…”
Client: “I like it and all, but…. I don’t like all that white space. Can we fill it with some clipart, like stars or those swirly things?”
Me: ………………..”

Winner Name: Jessica
Comment URL: Comment 390681 →
Winning Comment: “An oldie but a good one – my favourite font joke:
Designer 1: “Wow, you always have so many fonts, where do you get them?
Designer 2: “They come from Monaco, Geneva, Chicago, New York. I get them delivered at various Times”.
Designer 1: “By who?”
Designer 2: “A Courier!””

Winner Name: Nic
Comment URL: Comment 389834 →
Winning Comment: “I need this bundle to help we work quicker until the machines just take over. They should take over already. I’m really tired of doing stuff.”

Winner Name: Sue Jones
Comment URL: Comment 389521 →
Winning Comment: “This could be the start of something new – Merry Christmas to me please?”

Winner Name: Bad Bunny
Comment URL: Comment 388826 →
Winning Comment: “You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. There’s more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!”

Winner Name: Derek Traver
Comment URL: Comment 388731 →
Winning Comment: “You did it! Congratulations! World’s best cup of coffee! Great job, everybody! It’s great to be here.”

Winner Name: genarg
Comment URL: Comment 388632 →
Winning Comment: “I guess I am first. First comments never win. So there is no way to win. Or is it?
I don’t want to comment first. Please, someone comment first. Please!
Oh crap, I guess I am first.”

Winner Name: Timothy Whalin
Comment URL: Comment 388623 →
Winning Comment: “Wow! Thank you very much for doing this! I am thinking of purchasing the pack, but winning it would be even better! I love your site (yes… brown nosing here.) and read it almost every day. And tweeting most links. Anyways, thanks for all the great articles!”

Winner Name: Derick
Comment URL: Comment 388616 →
Winning Comment: “I’d love to win this and create something for Christmas!”

Winner Name: Lesley Cunningham
Comment URL: Comment 388655 →
Winning Comment: “I have brains in my head
I have feet in my shoes
I can steer myself any direction I choose.
Dr Seuss”

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Design Cocktail III

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