[EXPIRED] We Have 10 Memberships to Giveaway to the New Web Design Fan Club

Web Design Fan is the giving away 10 completely free memberships to their new Fan Club! Each membership lasts for an entire year ($72 value).

Joining the Web Design Fan Club grants you access to all the incredible resources and knowledge you need to become an expert web designer. From WordPress themes to premium icon sets and vectors, advanced tutorials to educational resources and files, the Web Design Fan Club delivers. Not only that, but you gain access to interviews with some of the best web designers and developers working today.

Web Design Fan Club

What do I get?

Oh, where to start. First of all, you get access to some incredible tutorials – written and in video. We cover basic HTML and CSS techniques, advanced Javascript and PHP solutions, and detailed lessons in using programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. We also have a ton of cool resources to make you a better designer or developer. They include:

1. Free “Premium” WordPress themes
2. Premium plugins to improve your site’s appearance and functionality.
3. Beautiful graphics (vectors, icons, brushes, and more) to add some flair to your designs.
4. Access to download all PSDs and other files that accompany our dozens of high quality tutorials.
5. Free entry into our contests we hold every month for great prizes, like software licenses and awesome hardware.
6. For more examples, click this link to access a list of everything!

How can I use this stuff?

Any way you would like. As a member of the Web Design Fan Club, you can use any of our resources we provide for all of your projects, business or personal.

So how do I win?

Simply follow @webdesignfan on Twitter and comment on this post with your Twitter account username. Winners will be announced at the end of this week (Friday 1st of July). Best of luck!

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