[EXPIRED] Competition: We Have $150 Worth of Credits to SohoOS to Giveaway

This weeks giveaway comes from the very useful SohoOS, a free all-inclusive business management tool that will help you take your business operations to the next level. They have kindly donated $150 worth of credits (3 winners will each receive $50 worth of credits).

All you have to do to do is tweet (with the hashtag #speckysohoos) your favorite SohoOS features.

Here is an example of what you could spend your $50 prize on:

1. Send SMS worldwide ($50 = 833 messages)
2. Hold local and international voice calls. (e.g. 50$ = 1300 minutes of voice call inside the US (rates very according to destination))
3. Send faxes worldwide. ($50 = 333 faxes)
4. Buy business documents templates. ($50 = 50 documents)


About SohoOS

SohoOS puts everything that you need to succeed directly at your fingertips so your business can grow and thrive almost effortlessly. From a unified contact system through inventory management to billing and accounts payable, SohoOS can handle it all both on the web and on your mobile.


SohoOS Features

  • Unified Contacts – Manage all of your contacts, clients, vendors and leads from one central location.
  • Invoices and Billing – Request a payment directly by sending out the invoice attached with a link for direct payment.
  • Communication – Local & international calls, FAX capabilities, SMS, mass email campaigns, as well as video & audio conference calls.
  • Business Inventory Management – The business inventory management tool puts stock control at your fingertips
  • Freelance Arena – Get full view and direct access to the most updated project board information out there.
  • Social Business Community – Manage all of your contacts, clients, vendors and leads from one central location.
  • Document Management – Manage all your documents from one concise filing system.
  • Document Templates – Database of over 700 legal forms, documents, and business templates.
  • Project Management – Create new projects with start and end dates, allocate a budget, assign milestone and responsibilities, and grant access.
  • Customized Reports – Get the inside scoop on how your business operates.
  • Marketing – Maximize the potential of your business by tracking the full life cycle of your marketing activities.
  • Mobile – You can easily access your business from wherever you are.

Want to try SohoOS? You can try it free here: Try it Now.

The Details

This competition will run for the next seven days ending on the 23rd of October 2011. Winners will be chosen at random and all you have to do to enter is tweet (with the hashtag #speckysohoos) your favorite SohoOS features.

Best of luck to everyone:)

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