[Expired] We have 3 year-long licenses to JustProto (worth $588 each) to giveaway – Comment to enter

This weeks competition comes from our old friends JustProto. They are kindly giving away 3 year long Plus licenses (worth $588 each!) to there feature-rich wireframing and prototyping application. All you will have to do is either leave a comment below or you can tweet about this post, using the hashtag #speckyproto.

Anyway, here is a short message about JustProto:

Message from the JustProto team

Like many products, JustProto was born out of frustration with existing solutions on the market. DeSmart (our company) has been around for eight years and we’ve worked on a ton of projects, large and medium sized. Like most of you, we usually just make do with whatever works best in a situation – after all, nothing’s perfect.

JustProto Homepage

Still, when we looked around the wireframing world, we realized we weren’t the only team that needed a fully collaborative, affordable online solution to our prototyping needs. We also realized that there really wasn’t one that ticked all the boxes for us. So, in 2008 our CEO, Piotr Duszynski, and Wojciech Skowronek, our lead programmer, knuckled down and started building JustProto. Around nine months later at the TriCity BarCamp on January 28, 2009, DeSmart gave birth to a happy, healthy baby app that we named JustProto. We brought JustProto into the world to help ourselves and others like us – and we hope it can help you too!

Lucy In The Sky, With Wireframes

The first thing we knew we needed to do was put it “in the cloud” as the kids say these days. Wireframing is crucial enough to the development process that it deserves a serious online solution, and that’s what we think (and hope!) we’ve provided. We also thought that if we were going to stuff it into a cloud then we should go the extra mile and make sure that it was fully, wholly collaborative.

That’s why JustProto includes so many features intended to streamline workflow across the room or across the globe. With JustProto, you can wireframe interactively in real-time with other designers and developers, who have full access to edit whatever they want, and you can chat with one another in the application, leaving a record of what you talked about for future reference. You can then share out totally functional previews to clients to review, allowing them to experience the wireframe as you intend it. No more asking people to install custom software or emailing around exported files.

With JustProto, the entire world is only a link away from your prototype at any time.Take a look what you can create using JustProto – here’s an amazing Gmail prototype: Gmail Prototype.

JustProto Gmail prototype

We Say Thank You, SpeckyBoy Community!

Few months back together with SpeckyBoy we set up a competition and got an amazing amount of feedback. Your thoughts and comments and suggestions became new features that are rolled out on a continuing basis. JustProto’s a great product right now, but the world keeps moving, so it’s not done – and it never will be. It will continue to evolve with you.

That’s a promise from us to you.

So, as a thanks for helping us making our wireframing tool better with your suggestions, we decided to run another competition. We have 3 year long Plus licenses worth of $588 each up for grabs. Below there’s the instruction on how to enter :)

How to Enter & Rules

To enter this competition all you will have to do is either leave a comment below or you can tweet about this post, using the hashtag #speckyproto. The competition will run for the next seven days, ending on the 12th of December 2012. Winners will be chosen at random and will be contacted via email within a couple of days of the competition ending.

Best of luck to everyone :)

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