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8 Sledge Hammer Effect WP Plugins, Have you lost control of your WP?

Is your WP blog badly in need of some drastic action, something you just don’t have the time to do, has your theme been corrupted, are you losing control of your blog and simply need to bring it back in line?
A sledge hammer would probably work but try these WP plugins first. If they don’t work, tell me about it and I will post you a sledge hammer myself (only joking).

Photoshop and Illustrator Icon Design Tutorials

This article is a compilation of the best Icon Design Tutorials, I think everyone will be able to learn something new from these tutorials. The title should have been 41 Amazing Photoshop and Illustrator Icon Design Tutorials and also not Forgetting the Single Gimp Icon Design Tutorial. (A little long, don’t you think).