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About: Paul Andrew is the editor and founder of Speckyboy Design Magazine.

KISS (keep it simple stupid) Styled WordPress Theme

Please Note: This WordPress theme is pretty old and will not be updated. This site is very, very clean. Very, very, very simple. Anyone out there wishing to learn about WordPress Theme Design, this would be the perfect design to start with. This is almost the same as my starter template for all the sites I design, its a good…

The Winter Styled (WordPress Theme)

This theme is a back to basics theme, designed to be easily customised to suit anyone’s needs. It uses no graphics whatsoever, stripped out all pointless code and left a bare bones Theme that is a very Stylish, clean and Polished. For a client a few months ago I designed a page navigation to be built within an intro section…

The Winter Hut (WordPress Theme)

This Wordpress theme is based on my previous design called ‘The Blog Hut’, I basically recoded Blog Hut from head to toe, keeping the original look and layout.
My main objective was to clean up the css & xhtml and make it a little more user friendly, I also set myself the target of using a single graphic (which I used for the header) and to sort out the footer (navigation) area, giving a decent navigation. I’m reasonably happy with the result (always thinking of improving).