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Top 10 Free Vector Graphic Editors

As you may have noticed by a a couple of my previous articles, I have been taking an extensive interest in Vector Graphics recently. I have been experimenting with different techniques and styles (I am a long way from perfect), and I have been using Inkscape (well, it is free). I am very impressed with it. I didn’t know that…

Top 10 Coolest Feature Rich Keyboards

Most keyboards I have had in recent years have been bland and boring, they served there purpose well, but the time has come for something exciting and original. Keyboard makers have been doing some brilliant work in recent years, not only are they feature packed, they also look cool (as we demand). I do like what Logitech is doing (its…

10 Security Plugins for WordPress

With every site you build there are going to be security risks and issues, there is no way around this, it is going to happen. All we can do is minimize the damage, be ready for it and take action. WordPress is now the most popular Blogging Engine, this will not mean an increase attacks, but it will have the…

20 Vintage Computer Print Ads

The below ads range from the 1950s to the 1990s, the styles vary dramatically from one era to the next. But the best thing is looking at the computer specs and prices…and a very young and innocent looking Mr Gates! If anyone has any more of these, send me a link and I’ll add them to the article.