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About: Lax is a creative designer, blogger, writer and front end developer of many successful online projects.

The Designers Christmas Toolbox – Brushes, Textures, Patterns and Vectors Packs

So, it is December already. And guess what December means? Ah… yes! Christmas is here. But everyone treats you with Christmas wallpapers and graphics, don’t they? Today, we are gonna do something different. We have put together an assortment of 70 vectors, brushes, textures and patterns all related to Christmas. Don’t blink, you read that right. This is your very…

40 Humorous Photo Manipulations

In this post we have collected some humorous imagery that we know will make you laugh. Many of the images blend 21st century technology with the natural world and do so in a fashion were different parts of the images are so finely blended with each other that you will not be able to find any discontinuity. They are amazing….

Designing a Facebook Icon for the iPhone with Photoshop

Nowadays, the iPhone and the iPad play a big part in our life, from apps to social networking, we all make use of them…what I like at apps is that all of them has fancy and glossy icons which are populating our devices and therefore, In this to show you how to design a Facebook icon following some easy steps….