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About: Sarita Harbour is a freelance writer specializing in web design, online and offline marketing for small businesses, and personal finance. Sarita graduated from the University of Guelph where she studied Psychology and Computer Science. She can be reached on twitter @avamummy or through

Dealing with Scope Creep in Web Design

Have you ever committed your time and energy to a project only to discover your responsibilities growing far beyond the initial requirements? “This isn’t what I signed up for,” you think to yourself. “If only I’d known what I was getting in to.” You have experienced scope creep, and whether you run into it in your personal or profession life,…


The Truth about Web Design

As a freelance web professional, designing websites is your livelihood and in some cases, your life. Your ability to create a website that does everything but make and pour coffee is commendable, but the sad truth is that other than yourself and other web designers, nobody cares about the design at all. What they care about is what it can…


Useful Tips To Get New Web Design Clients

Many freelancers begin their careers without a formal marketing plan for their web design business. The truth is that sales and marketing is a crucial part of all businesses, and that is why your clients hire you. Today’s business owners know a great website is an important part of their marketing toolkit, and since this is your career you should…