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Creative Typographic CD Cover Designs

“You can judge a book by its cover” — ehm… this does not apply exclusively to books. Covers cast the first impression of every product, and if the cover is not motivating enough, the product itself gets little to no attention. If you were looking for inspiration or ideas regarding cover design, look no further! Today, we have compiled 30…


30 Vibrant Fractal Brush Packs for Photoshop

In this round-up, we have 30 vibrant fractal brushes for Photoshop that will help bring your otherwise dull designs to life. If used heavily and brightly, fractal brushes give the effect of rapid movement or, in some cases, have the potential of offering a beautifully explosive effect. When used lightly, these brushes can offer a nice subtle and unique background-effect.


Our Top 50 Photoshop Tutorials from 2012

Just as we published this time last year, today, we have put together our 50 favorite Photoshop tutorials from last year (2012). The tutorials have been split into the following categories: Painting, Photo Composition, Illustration, Drawing, Photo Effects, 3D, Icon Design, Text and, finally, Poster Design Tutorials.


30 Free Minimal Responsive WordPress Themes from 2012

In this round-up we have compiled some of the best free, minimal responsive WordPress themes that have been released in this past year (2012). All of the themes will work perfectly straight out-of-the-box, but their real beauty lies in that they are a fantastic foundation for further development. Balancing content with minimal layouts is not an easy path to take,…

A Gallery of Beautiful Christmas Seasonal Photography

The festive season is just round the corner, and with Christmas and New Year approaching fast, everyone seems to be getting busy with preparations. In sync with those Christmas preparations, today, we bring you a gallery of Seasonal and Christmas photography. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the visual treat, and get in the festive mood! Christmas Seasonal Photography…