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How to Install Multiple WordPress Websites into a Single MySQL Database

WordPress counts more than 60 million worldwide users of all sizes, from corporate websites to personal blogs. And while corporate implementations of WordPress might have access to unlimited server resources and MySQL databases, it’s often true that amateur web hosting plans cut corners and eliminate features in order to save customers money. In most cases, one of the first features…

40 Beautiful Examples of Vexel Art Illustrations

To quote Wikipedia, Vexel art is “an entirely pixel-based form of raster art that imitates the visual appearance of vector graphics”. Sounds impressive already, doesn’t it? Well, you needn’t scavenge the entire internet to find samples of Vexel art — we have done that tedious task for you. In this gallery, we explore some of the best examples of this…


We have 3 Impressionist WordPress Theme Developer Licenses (worth $149 each) to Giveaway

For this weeks competition we have 3 Impressionist WordPress Theme Developer Licenses (worth $149 each), from our friends at Rockable Themes, to giveaway. Read on to find out how you can enter… About the Impressionist Premium WordPress Theme Impressionist is a business based premium WordPress theme with a unique, impressive and unique look. It comes packaged with two layout styles…

30 Beautiful Sketch and Hand-Drawn Style Websites for Inspiration

Nothing says authenticity like hand-drawn. This is true for heartfelt letters to family, shop signs that want to give a homey feel, and it’s also true in web design. In fact, hand drawn elements have become popular on the web lately. They can give a site that unique and personalized feeling everyone envisions when setting out. In this article, we…


38 Unique and Realistic Free Wood Textures

Are you trying to create something unique? Maybe you are occupied with a project that deals with nature and/or other greenery, but are unable to decide ways in which you can accomplish that awesome wood texture? Worry no more! Today, we bring to you 38 unique and realistic free wood textures that you can take advantage of!


30 Creative and Funny Beer Advertisements

When it comes to advertisements, being creative is not only helpful, but also vital. Print, electronic or online — irrespective of the format, advertisements just have to get it right in the first impression itself. If the advertisement fails to catch the viewer’s eye and does not get the first impression right, it can easily be regarded as a failed…


We have 5x Lifetime accounts (worth $99 each) from MailerLite to Giveaway – Comment to Enter

Our friends at MailerLite are giving away 5 Lifetime Accounts (up to 10,000 subscribers and worth $99 each) to help your business grow! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us why you would like/need this prize? About MailerLite There are few email newsletters service providers available, however most of them are relatively expensive…