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Superb Graphic Design Artwork

In this gallery, we have a collection of otherworldly images. These are graphic art, taking a feeling or moment and pressing it 2D for transmission directly to the heart of other humans. These are a collection of graphic art examples of various types and expressing various things. They are taken from artists around the world, yet you can feel in…


10 Responsive Navigation Solutions and Tutorials

As responsive design rapidly increases in popularity, we felt we would take a look at some of the varied solutions and techniques that are being adopted for managing the navigation/menu on smaller screened devices. Planning and building your menu for mobiles will perhaps be the trickiest aspect of your responsive layout, not just with the coding but also having to…


15 More Responsive CSS Frameworks & Boilerplates Worth Considering

Following on from 15 Responsive CSS Frameworks Worth Considering, which we published last November, today we have 15 more for you to consider. All of the frameworks and boilerplates below have been built with strict compliance to standards and conventions and will, as you would expect from any CSS framework, save your precious time by eliminating the need to write…


20 New Photoshop Text Effects

In this roundup, we have put together 20 amazing Photoshop text effects. Photoshop’s text tools can create awesome and mind-blowing effects — well, that’s as obvious as “Sun rises in the East”. Whether you’re designing a logo, a banner or just some title text, Photoshop comes with the required tools to help you inject creativity and awesomeness in your text…

30 Free Photoshop Splatter and Water Color Brushes

If you are a designer (or anyone even remotely associated with graphic design), you know the importance and versatility of splatter brushes. Take a look at any popular image manipulations’ website. Chances are, over half of the manipulations that you come across have employed splatter brushes. In this round-up, we bring to you 30 awesome ink, paint and blood splatter…


25 Beautiful Color Spectrum Wallpapers

In this gallery, we have put together 25 color spectrum wallpapers, to help satisfy your daily doze of inspiration as well as treat yourself to some amazing and colorful images. Scientifically speaking, color spectrum refers to the visible portion of white light. However, as humans in general and artists in particular, we cannot imagine life, or even existence, without colors….

35 Examples of Inspirational Wildlife Photography

When it comes to photography, the best shots are always available amidst nature. And by ‘nature’, we do not mean the pine trees in our backyards. ‘Nature’ here refers to, yes, you guessed it right, wildlife. Wildlife photography, apart from being one of the most popular and challenging genres of photography, is also full of stunning moments that make for…