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CouchCMS Competition Winners Announced

Thanks to CouchCMS for allowing us to publish this massive giveaway, and thank you to all of our readers who took the time to enter and comment. We could only pick (at random) only ten winners, so better luck next time with any of our future competitions.
Anyway, congratulations to our winners, here they are…

30 Inspiring Niche Photography Websites to Explore

We are not suggesting for a moment, with this post, that your Android mobile device would be a good alternative as a development platform to your desktop or laptop. All it shows with the current apps available, that it could be and the potential for more is certainly there. Maybe not so much with a mobile, but if you have one of the many iPad-a-like Android tablets that are currently available it certainly could be a reality.

30 Beautifully Colorful Typographic Book Cover Designs

Typography is one of the most useful and important tools in the graphic design toolbox. It is even more interesting when it is applied to the very source of words, ie. Books. In this article we have a collection of typography based book cover designs. With this collection we hope to inspire and demonstrate how important and creative typography can…