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Sufyan bin Uzayr (67 Posts)

About: Sufyan bin Uzayr writes for multiple publications and has also authored a book named Sufism: A Brief History. His primary areas of interest include open source, mobile development, web CMS and vector art. He is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of an e-journal named Brave New World. You can visit his website or friend him on Facebook.

The Speckyboy iOS App has arrived!

In this era of mobility, not everyone has the luxury of being in front of a huge desktop screen all the time. Owing to this very reason, we have seen the evolution of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. So, how do you check your favorite design blog (popularly known as Speckyboy; you already know that, don’t you) when…


Microsoft TypeScript: “Syntactic Sugar” For JavaScript

Are you involved in application-level development using JavaScript? If so, this news might interest you! A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled a new JavaScript-like programming language named TypeScript. At its most basic level, TypeScript operates by translating code into JavaScript (that enables its apps to run in any browser). The language itself is pretty similar to JavaScript in terms of…


Coen Brothers Poster Series: An Artistic Homage to the Storytellers

Creativity and entertainment is always a killer combination. Take up any genre from the entertainment industry, and add to it a touch of creative talent — Boom! You’ve got yourself something that has the prowess to change the world. Perhaps this is the primary reason why celebrities and movie makers command more respect, influence and fan following than representatives from…


Helvetica Superheroes – A minimalist alphabet of superheroes

Let’s admit it: typography is awesome, isn’t it? If you really are serious about making the internet (or anything with written words for that matter) better and more beautiful place, you cannot disregard the importance of amazing typography. And when it comes to typography, what’s the key element? In other words, how does good typography start? Obviously, it all begins…


WordPress 3.4 “Green” Released

Few days back, WordPress came up with its latest stable release – WordPress 3.4 – named “Green” after the guitarist Grant Green. Version 3.4 comes with several new features, both major and minor. For a start, we now have greater freedom when customizing backgrounds and headers. You can now make the header images flexible in terms of width and height,…


Apple Unveils iOS 6 and Mountain Lion

At the recently held World Wide Developers’ Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled a new version of its popular mobile operating system, the iOS 6. Just in case you’re getting curious already, iOS 6 will be available as a free update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users around mid-September this year. If you are an iOS developer you can download the…