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About: Zack Rutherford is a freelance copywriter. He contributes web content and especially snappy articles to TemplateMonster. Combat sports enthusiast and poetic soul, Zack endeavors to create beauty through syntax, sentence structure, and the liberal use of hyperbole.

How and When to Use Stock Photography

Some see it as a necessary evil, a few view it as an invaluable resources, others call it an annoyance, and still more see it as a slowly dieng trend. Whatever your feelings on stock photography, you’ve got to understand that you’ll end up using it at some point if you regularly create online content. If you’re going to use…


12 Obscure WordPress Plugins You’ll Love

Running your own WordPress website can be quite a chore. The internet’s premiere blogging platform has plenty of functionality built in, but to add something extra, you will have to be prepared to put in a lot of extra legwork. Luckily, an enthusiastic community of open source contributors consistently brings you new ways to simplify your WordPress troubles on a…