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This is archives page for all of the Deals of the Week for designers we publish for you every week.


Deal of the Week: Online Skills Tests for Programmer Recruiters – Promo Code Available!

If you’re currently in the market for recruiting programmers, then this Deal of the Week is for you! Tests for Geeks, a service that helps recruiters save time and money during the hiring process by testing the competency of candidates before inviting them for an interview, are currently offering 5 tests for free to 30(!) Speckyboy readers! Get 5 Tests…


Deal of the Week: 30% Discount on Business, Lifetime and Developer WordPress Subscriptions from GavickPro

GavickPro have been in the web-design game for a while, but it’s only in the last 2 years that they’ve started applying their knowledge to creating WordPress themes and widgets. To celebrate the upcoming release of their 24th WordPress theme, GavickPro are offering a massive 30% discount on their Business, Lifetime and Developer WordPress subscriptions from now until 28th March;…


Deal of the Week: Simplify WordPress With MotoPress Content Editor – only $9!

How great is WordPress? The popular open-source CMS just has so many options available from different themes, templates, and plugins. The best part of all that is that everyone’s working to improve the core product and make it even easier to use. If you find yourself often frustrated with the default editor that comes with WordPress, it could be time…