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This is archives page for all of the Deals of the Week for designers we publish for you every week.


Deal of the Week: Versatile Alana Pro Script Font & 60+ Ornaments – only $14!

There’s just something about calligraphy, isn’t there? The flourishing motion of each word. The constant curves. It instantly adds an aura of authenticity to any project. The neat thing about calligraphy is that if done a certain way, it can turn into a more casual, fun, and relaxing font. Combine the two and you’ve got one terrific typeface! That’s just…


Deal of the Week: Add Ornamental Elegance with the Fleuron Font – only $12!

It’s amazing how a simple border or ornate element can completely change the feel of your design. With the right object, your otherwise flat sketch can blossom until an elegant work of art. And one of the easiest and best ways to pretty up your pictures is through Fleurons. Derived from the French word for flower (“Fleur”), Fleurons are typographic…


Deal of the Week: Verb – 72-Font Super Family (the complete series) – only $37!

When artists create a new masterpiece, they have one goal in mind: to move you. Well, why shouldn’t the same go with Web designers? There’s no better way to get your next project moving than with the awesomely active (and actively awesome!) Verb font family! We’ve published a deal on the Verb font from Yellow Design Studio before and it…


Deal of the Week: Flaterrifics: Flat Minimalist Illustrations and Icons – only $8!

Visuals can make all the difference on a website. And unlike glossy, bevelled and embossed images of recent years, the latest trend is all about being flat. Bright but muted colors. A simple minimalistic approach. It’s all the latest rage, and with this creative Mighty Deal, called Flaterrifics, you’ll get a huge collection of truly unique illustrations and icons to…


Deal of the Week: Ultimatum 2.5 – The Ultimate WordPress Theme Builder – from $35!

Despite it’s open source nature, WordPress sill has its limitations. There’s always 1 or 2 things you wish you could change about a specific theme, but it’s always a nightmare to figure out how to make those changes. That’s why our previous Mighty Deal for the super-customizable Ultimatum did so incredibly well. And now we’re bringing you the bigger, bolder,…


Deal of the Week: Bundle Storm: The Bundle of Bundles – only $47!

There are bundles and there are bundles. And then, well, then there are bundles of bundles. In this deal’s case, however, it feels like we have a bundle that consists of bundles of bundles! Confused yet? Don’t be. Just know that this is one of the biggest bundle deals ever! With literally thousands of high-quality elements for creative designers, this…