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Acquainting Yourself With the Specifics of the Printing Process

For graphic designers in this day and age an increasing amount of the day’s workload is prepared for the digital medium. The move to a digital environment has elevated work destined for print to a more exact practice, requiring adjustments to the finished product that might not be immediately apparent. In this article we’ll be taking you through some of…


What To Do With Spare Ideas

We all get tons of new ideas constantly as designers. Which is awesome – don’t get me wrong – but sometimes we get way more ideas than we can actually get to in one sitting. Or even in one lifetime. Often, designers simply jot down those excess ideas in a notebook and file them away somewhere, but that’s boring and…


What Designers Can Learn From Copywriters

Designers and copywriters have a symbiotic relationship. In our modern, web-based industry, one can’t really exist without the other. Copywriters provide the engaging content that snags users’ attention and prompts them to buy, and designers provide the overall framework that facilitates a great experience for said user. In fact, designers and copywriters have quite a bit to learn from each…


Stop Worrying About People Stealing Your Ideas

Ideas: the germs that grow into those great, award-winning designs we all want to have our names attached to. We all get dozens of ideas constantly, which typically range from fairly good to amazingly good. Ideas are an abundant commodity that we all have, as creative people. In fact, most designers have more ideas than they know what to do…


How Your Environment Can Influence Your Designs

Sometimes, as web and digital designers, we can get trapped in our little world of computers and software, attempting to work out the solution to our clients’ design problems, but failing to make any real breakthroughs. If you often find yourself stuck in a rut of technology, sometimes the best solution is just to get up from your desk and…


Creating Timeless Designs

We’ve all seen examples of ‘classic’ design – work that gets talked about for months, years, and even decades after it has served its initial purpose. Even people who have no idea what the original design was even used for will discuss its beauty, simplicity, and timelessness. What goes into creating work of that caliber? Today, we’re going to explore…


The Disappointment of Writing on

Of late, a new writing service has taken the blogosphere by a storm. This one pitches itself as “a better place to read and write”. Yes, I am talking about Medium. As a platform that lets you share your thoughts and words, Medium is rising in popularity with each passing day. In other words, it is redefining blogging! However, all…


Tips for Finding Flow

It’s late in the day and you’re working hard on a project. Hours have seemingly flown by in a flash. You haven’t eaten anything since this morning, but you don’t really feel hungry. The only times you’ve moved have been to refill your coffee and even as you are pouring a cup, your mind is churning over this project –…