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In this GUI category you will find articles and tutorials relating to the design of icons. You will also find many free icons!

Top 5 Free Icon Editors for the Pro Designer

There are a lot of Premium Icon Editors you could use, but if you look deeper there are FREE Icon Editors that are just as powerful (in some cases more so) as premium versions, easier to use than Photoshop or Illustrator, and can create amazingly polished professional icons. Here are my top 5 FREE Icon Editors: 1. IcoFX 1.6 URL:…

15 Amazing Photoshop Icon Tutorials

Ever wondered how the great icon designer do it? Well, here are 15 Photoshop Tutorials that lets you peek behind the curtain and get you started. Want to be an Icon Designer? Try these… 1. How to Illustrate a Traffic Cone Icon in Photoshop URL:View Tutorial. Source:

Top 40 Free Icon Resources for Web Designers

This is a complete revision of our previous icon post Top 25 Free Icon Resources for Web Designers. Some links have died, so they have been removed with many more being added. Fam Fam Fam and Brand Spanking New are still number 1 & 2, the rest have changed with 15 new entries. If anyone knows of any free icon…

The Best Icon Search Engines

Searching for that perfect icon for your design can be monotonous, browsing through the multitude of icon sites (my last icon article: Top 25 Free Icon Resources for Web Designers) can take hours, wasting good productive time. Thankfully a solution has presented itself with Icon Search Engines. This is a new idea that has sprung up over the past year…