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The Most Iconic Clothing in Pop Music Illustration Series

For today’s gallery we have a nostalgic series of creative illustrations, from Brazilian digital artist Frederico Birchal, of some of the most famous costumes and iconic clothing from performers in popular music from the last 30 years. So, can you identify the Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury or Elton John? Easy, isn’t it? Famous Costumes by Frederico Birchal Elvis…


Workwankers – Calling-out some of the unlikeable characters in design

Created by Peter Cortez and Joe Sayaman from digital production company, Workwankers is a creative series of illustrated slides that highlights some of the more annoying and unlikable characters that will undoubtedly be found lingering in your office. You can also Call out a Wanker, so Peter and Joe know that this may be ‘construed as mean-spirited,’ and thus…


Flat Design Superheroes from Jeffrey Rau

If you love minimal design or superheroes (who doesn’t?), you are really going to love this gallery! Comic book fan Jeffrey Rau, a graphic artist from Lincoln, Nebraska, has recently released an impressive collection of superhero illustrations designed in a flat and minimal style. Popular characters from The Avengers, the Justice League, the Fantastic Four, and even Hellboy are all…


Beautiful Biro Drawing Portraits

Artistic expression does not always need state of the art equipment and the latest technology. In fact, true creative genius can sometimes be best witnessed in things that we otherwise discard as trash. Meet Mark Powell, a London-based artist best known for his work with repurposed ephemera — old, tattered and stamped envelopes that serve as his canvas and a…


The Adobe Photoshop interface Recreated Using Lego

Many long term readers of our site will know that we love the creative expression and innovation from Lego. And the vast majority of readers will undoubtedly be using another tool that offers creative expression and innovation, albeit in the digital world, Photoshop. So, we have two innovative tools that offer creative outlets, but living in two completely different worlds….