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This category highlights only the best and free Photoshop and Illustrator brush packs and kits.


30 Vibrant Fractal Brush Packs for Photoshop

In this round-up, we have 30 vibrant fractal brushes for Photoshop that will help bring your otherwise dull designs to life. If used heavily and brightly, fractal brushes give the effect of rapid movement or, in some cases, have the potential of offering a beautifully explosive effect. When used lightly, these brushes can offer a nice subtle and unique background-effect.


The Designers Christmas Toolbox – Brushes, Textures, Patterns and Vectors Packs

So, it is December already. And guess what December means? Ah… yes! Christmas is here. But everyone treats you with Christmas wallpapers and graphics, don’t they? Today, we are gonna do something different. We have put together an assortment of 70 vectors, brushes, textures and patterns all related to Christmas. Don’t blink, you read that right. This is your very…


25 Free Abstract Photoshop Brush Packs

Abstract Photoshop brush packs are among my favorites and I decided to share some of them with you. Well, it’s kind of abstract what abstract is, so let me clarify I have included just a bit of lights, lightnings, lines, curves, smoke, and swirls brushes, as well as some completely undefined in terms of shape (and probably functionality) brushes, that…

30 Free Photoshop Splatter and Water Color Brushes

If you are a designer (or anyone even remotely associated with graphic design), you know the importance and versatility of splatter brushes. Take a look at any popular image manipulations’ website. Chances are, over half of the manipulations that you come across have employed splatter brushes. In this round-up, we bring to you 30 awesome ink, paint and blood splatter…

20 Free Subtle and Soft Textured Photoshop Brush Packs (225 Brushes)

Subtly textured brushes are currently a popular trend in web design. They are really useful for adding character and bringing a little light emphasis to your otherwise dull designs. In this post we have 20 subtle and soft textured Photoshop brush packs with a total of 223 brushes. Hope you find them useful. Subtle and Soft Textured Photoshop Brush Packs…