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10 Free Pure CSS UI Kits

We have covered UI kits many, many times before. But never have the kits been exclusively built with CSS. All 10 of the kits below have been coded beautifully using CSS3 techniques and all include a range of common web UI elements. This post has been in the pipe-line for a very long time, that only goes to emphasizes the…


20 Free Responsive HTML & CSS Templates

The free responsive HTML & CSS templates we have for you today do not only offer a quick and easy to edit solution for a static website or as a theme for your favorite CMS, they also offer a great learning experience by giving you the opportunity to reverse-engineer the beautiful mobile-friendly responsive code contained with each.


10 Responsive Navigation Solutions and Tutorials

As responsive design rapidly increases in popularity, we felt we would take a look at some of the varied solutions and techniques that are being adopted for managing the navigation/menu on smaller screened devices. Planning and building your menu for mobiles will perhaps be the trickiest aspect of your responsive layout, not just with the coding but also having to…


Beginner’s Guide to Making Your Own Fonts

We’ve all been in that position where we know what we want our text to look like, but just can’t seem to find a font that matches what’s in our heads. Maybe you want a specific look for the title of your new novel. Or you think that your grandfather’s handwriting would be perfect for that family tree you’re creating….


15 More Responsive CSS Frameworks & Boilerplates Worth Considering

Following on from 15 Responsive CSS Frameworks Worth Considering, which we published last November, today we have 15 more for you to consider. All of the frameworks and boilerplates below have been built with strict compliance to standards and conventions and will, as you would expect from any CSS framework, save your precious time by eliminating the need to write…


10 Reasons Your Business Card Sucks

Do you view your business card as a simple formality, or a powerful sales, networking, and marketing tool that can embed your person and brand in customers’ minds, motivate callbacks and generate sales? Unfortunately, most professionals are in the former group. They print business cards that are less inspiring than tiring. And chances are you’re in this group. Thus, I…


Helvetica Superheroes – A minimalist alphabet of superheroes

Let’s admit it: typography is awesome, isn’t it? If you really are serious about making the internet (or anything with written words for that matter) better and more beautiful place, you cannot disregard the importance of amazing typography. And when it comes to typography, what’s the key element? In other words, how does good typography start? Obviously, it all begins…

40 Creative and Unique World Map Remakes

For today’s gallery, we have 40 uniquely designed World map remakes for you. Some maps have been designed using only the creative imagination of the designer allowing you a brief glimpse into how they each view the World and using some uncommon art materials such as water, a tangerine peel and, even Lego. Others, while no less creative, have been…

Perfecting the Stylesheet: Common CSS Errors Made by Beginners

As web design continues to transition from a professional occupation to a worldwide hobby, an increasing number of people are becoming acquainted with creating designs which are controlled by extensive stylesheets. While it’s true that these files are often much simpler to create and maintain than vast XHTML documents, it’s also true that CSS is a notoriously “picky” programming language…