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30 Grid Based WordPress Themes

Grid based layout designs can be very useful for building structured, usable and content rich (not limited to) websites. Grid design certainly has some major benefits for developers (its really easy to to plan where things should go), but its real power lies in what it can do for your readers and users. With a structured grid layout, an everyday…

7 Brilliant Minimalist Tumblr Themes

When I sat down to write this post, my first intention was to write about minimal design and how popular they have become over the last few years. Of course, I couldn’t do that without listing some clever examples. But while I was on the hunt for what to include in that list I got a message from a friend….

10 Free Professional HTML and CSS CV/Resume Templates

There are quite literally hundreds upon hundreds of free CV or resume templates readily available to download out in the deep recesses of the web, available in every conceivable format and covering every possible profession. These templates are OK, they are professional enough, but there are two things that these templates lack – originality and creativity – not one will…

30 Brand New Quality WordPress Themes

Every week dozens upon dozens of new WordPress themes are released, some of these are well designed, without being too original, and disappointingly, most of the others seem to be replicas of existing popular themes or they use tried and tested layout formulas with no use or thought for originality. And sometimes, just sometimes, you will find a little golden…

10 Blank/Naked WordPress Themes Perfect for Development

If you have to develop Wordpress themes on a regular basis then I have no doubt that you too have experienced the tedium that goes with re-writing the same code over and over again. It doesn’t matter how excited you are about a new project or even how much you love web design, having to repeatedly do the same basic coding for every single theme can be really, really annoying.