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This is our weekly news archives where we share only the best free resources, tutorials and most in-depth articles from the design community.

This Weeks Twitter Design News Roundup N.15

As usual we have a mixed bag of resources for you to browse and rummage through. There is a lot of good reading, inspirational posts, freebie downloads and even a nifty jQuery plugin to get your web site into the Christmas spirit.
As always, if you have any cool links that you would like to share, do not hesitate to send them to us here…

This Weeks Twitter Design News Roundup N.14

If you are not following us on Twitter, why not? You are missing out on a lot (talk about blowing our own trumpet!).We love to share fresh design related news and resources, highlight new blogs and finding cool things.
Just in case you are not one of our Twitter followers, here are some of things we tweeted about in the past week.

This Weeks Twitter Design News Roundup N.12

The submit news section seems to have been going into overdrive in the last few weeks. I took a couple of days off last week, and came back to find 400+ submitted news resources, thanks for all the great links. This weeks Twitter design news post is much larger than previous weeks, as it will be from now on. I have a total of 48 fresh design related resources, and have separated them into the following categories: Tutorials and Learning, Inspirational Articles, Good Reading, Wallpapers and Icons and, most importantly, Fresh Resources.

This Weeks Twitter Design News Roundup N.06

It has been a great week for new resources, there has been a couple of web design and social media icon sets released, a new CSS framework, which is always welcome, wallpaper, jQuery, Wordpress tutorials…and a hell of a lot more. There has also been a few Lego Tweets in the past week, its been a while, you can tell that I was researching yesterdays Lego post.

This Weeks Twitter Design News Roundup N.05

Week five of our weekly Twitter design resource round-up. This post showcases the best design related links that we have found and Tweeted in the past week. We love new, fresh and original resources. It could be something inspirational, a cool tutorial, a great and useful resource, or even just a damn good read. If you have any cool links that meet this criteria, to not hesitate to send them to us here…