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Ten Alternative CMS Options to WordPress

Let’s face it, WordPress is the demi-god of blogging and (arguably) Content Management. From Syria to Korea, WordPress powers them all. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other fish in the sea. Even if you are in love with WordPress (just as we are), trying out a taste of variety won’t harm you a bit. So lets check out some…

An Introduction to HTML Prototyping

Since starting work as a web designer I have always, and will always obsess over improving my project workflow, my own design pattern if you will. Never afraid to make a couple of wrong turns along the way, my intellectual pursuit has seen me produce wireframes in Photoshop, sketch them out in meticulous detail, and not so meticulous detail, test-drive…

CouchCMS – A simple CMS solution for web designers

CouchCMS is a self-hosted simple CMS that has been created specifically with web designers in mind. It allows a designer to take any HTML/CSS templates and convert it into a fully content managed site, quite literally in minutes. Unlike most other CMSs out there, Couch works by being retrofitted within an existing design or static site and not vice versa….

Navigation Accessibility Tips

Website navigation is our common communication system between all other web pages. Interlinking through unique identifiers (URLs) has worked for decades. If anything navigation links have been with the basics of web design since the early days. Through advancements in digital arts and design we have seen new practices bubbling up everywhere. Accessibility has turned into a major concern for…

The Beauty of Minimalist Design: 5 Reasons to Include Less

Minimalism. The term is pretty divisive. Some think it’s a bunch of self-serving nonsense – a fancy label for a convoluted lifestyle design. Others swear by the principle, drastically improving their life and surroundings. Regardless of what you think of it, the fact is that there are benefits to be found within minimalism that can simplify and improve your designs….

A Review of Web Design Trends from 2010

The past year has shown us some magnificent growth in the web sector. Design innovation can be seen everywhere as the community of both web designers and application developers is on the rise. Trends are emerging from this budding community and they’re greatly shaping the future of our Internet. Below are a few references to some of the best design…

Three Major Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Any Clients (and how to avoid these pitfalls)

Nothing’s more frustrating than not getting clients. You know your designs are good. You write really concise and sharp emails. Your people skills are impeccable. Yet no matter what you seem to do, you just can’t get many, if any, clients. Or you get desperate and start accepting what you can get. Why does this happen? Why do some designers…

Coding Flexible Web Layouts in HTML5 and CSS

Web standards are in evolution and continuing to refine how we structure our content. There are many open source platforms which allow rapid prototyping and development of new features in just a few days. As web developers it can be difficult to keep up with such fast-paced times. Luckily with the rise of advanced standards we’re seeing less requirements to…