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In this section you will find general articles, resources and free templates for the content management system Drupal.


Designing for Drupal

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t matter to a designer what content management system a site uses. But for most of us, projects are actually a combination of design and site building. It’s with this last bit that things get tricky. Each content management system that we work with requires a significant investment of time to gain the expertise required…

Is Drupal Good for Design? What do you think?

Drupal has a reputation for being strong in functionality and having a strong community, but weak when it comes to design. In deciding which cms to use, it is important to make the right decision, especially when considering design features. The following will cover how strong Drupal is from a design perspective and how to improve design if you are…

15 Market Leaders of Premium WordPress, Joomla and Drupal Themes

Thanks to the active opensource CMS community, especially the big three (WordPress, Joomla and Drupal) website development cost has dwindled down to affordable levels. The more you understand how to use a CMS the better you can control development cost and best make use of your site to promote your products or services. For people like me who has close…

Dummy Content Filler Resources for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla Developers

Having to repeatedly create content to flesh every new web project is not only time consuming, it is also very, very frustrating. You have to create new posts, pages, menu items, categories, tags, users… and … and on. The sad thing is you have to do this, your web design has to be thoroughly sanity checked, there is no other…

Extend the Firebug Console with these 15 Extensions

There are a lot of useful tools for web designers and developers, they do tend to come and go and it usually depends on personal preference whether or not any tool is used. There is only one tool that has lasted the test of time and is not only universally used but also loved, and that is the Firefox extension Firebug – it is by far and away the best tool within web design.