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20 RSS Feed Web Apps

I simply use Firefox and Google to keep up to date with my feeds, there are quite a few other methods. But,this is not what this article is about. It is a compilation of 20 RSS web based apps that have something unique, original and helpful. Something to spice up your feeds.

Elements of UGLY Web Design – Navigation Animated Gifs

Of course you will remember them, they were that horrible, badly designed navigation icons you seen everywhere on the internet. That was the days when graphic design and web design were so far apart that every site you turned to looked ugly, and they were made worse by those little blinking, color blind images that were trying to point you in the right direction.

9 Adobe Air Apps for Twitter

I am a fan of most things Twitter related, I love the the sheer simplicity of it.
There is no one on this planet that does not like Twitter, the sheer simplicity is what has made it as popular as it is.
And, just to make this easier, here are 9 Free Adobe Air apps especially for Twitter.

7 Plugins to view your WordPress Blog on any Mobile Device

In this post we feature seven amazing WordPress plugins that will help make your theme mobile friendly. WordPress Mobile Edition Plugin Download: Download WordPress Mobile Edition. Latest Release: Version 2.1.1. Compatibility: WP 1.5 upto 2.3. (not tested on 2.5). Developer: Alex King. Description: WordPress Mobile Edition Plugin will display your site within an interface optimized for mobile and PDA devices,…

55 Online Bookmark Managers

Does anyone realise the number of Bookmark Manager sites runs into the hundreds? Each one has its own fair share of registered users and visitors. If I have missed any out, let me know. So, have your say…Which is the best? Backflip Backflip organizes personal bookmarks into a searchable directory. BibSonomy A social bookmark and publication sharing system that supports…