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The Best Icon Search Engines

Searching for that perfect icon for your design can be monotonous, browsing through the multitude of icon sites (my last icon article: Top 25 Free Icon Resources for Web Designers) can take hours, wasting good productive time. Thankfully a solution has presented itself with Icon Search Engines. This is a new idea that has sprung up over the past year…

A Rough Guide to the excellent Tumblr

I had a request from a long term client to design six different Tumblr themes, to be honest the first question I thought of was: ‘Why?’. Being a very good client I thought I had better looked into things, have an educated answer ready for all his questions, and then ask him again: ‘Why, oh, why?’. I had a fair…

Marvellously Simple – Twitter

I am a fan of most things Web 2.0, to me Web 2.0s definition is making the everyday users web experience simple, coming primarily from design. When I’m not working and just browsing and stumble on to a site offering a service, I can sometimes be put off by the complexity of it. I know myself it probably isn’t, but…