[EXPIRED] jQuery 1.3 with PHP – Free Book Giveaway, Comment to win

For this months book giveaway we have jQuery 1.3 with PHP, written by Kae Verens. jQuery 1.3 with PHP is for PHP application developers who want to improve their user interfaces through jQuery’s capabilities and responsiveness. Whether you are familiar with jQuery or have only dabbled a little with JavaScript, this book will provide you with numerous practical examples of how to improve your applications.

Worn Wall – Free Grungy Three Column WordPress Theme

Today we have the pleasure of releasing free to our readers Worn Wall, a three column, grungy WordPress theme. The theme has been designed and developed by Brian L. from TemplateLite and exclusively released here on Speckyboy Design Magazine. Please note that this WordPress theme is no longer available. Worn Wall Screenshots Download and Demos Demo the Theme (393kb)Download the…

This Weeks Twitter Design News Roundup N.18

If you are needing a quick way of catching up on what has been happening within the design community after the festive holiday period, this is the round-up for you. Oh, and welcome back to work!
We love to share fresh design related news and resources through Twitter, this post is a collection of everything resource we have tweeted about in the past week.

Creating a Web Development Environment using Google Chrome Extensions

Since its launch, an extension system has been one of the most sought after and requested features for Google Chrome, and last month, Google delivered. They launched, in beta, there Google Chrome Extensions web site, and in just under a month they have already cataloged an impressive 1000+ extensions (no support for the Mac, as yet).
So, the big question now is, how powerful, useful and indispensable can we, as developers and designers, actually make Chrome, while backed up with its new extensions? The next question is, can it or will it replace Firefox?

Weekly Web Design and Development Inspiration – N.22

This is our weekly selection of beautiful web designs, as recommended by our readers and sites that we have discovered in the past week (in this case the past two weeks). Surprisingly, with it being Christmas and New Year, there is a lot of new high quality web designs around this week, I hope you like them.
Send us a recommendation for next weeks Weekly Web Design and Development Inspiration (for our review), by clicking here…

15 Tips and Techniques for Styling the button element

Lets be honest, most of the form buttons that you come across are ugly, they work as intended, but really, really look awful. There are reasons for this, firstly form buttons, as with almost anything to do with forms, are notoriously tricky to style with consistency, and secondly, styling can cause major problems with cross browser and cross platform compatibility….

Merry Christmas and a Roundup of Web Design Articles from Speckyboy Design Magazine

Christmas is here, and the wife has ordered me to take the next three or four days off. I haven’t had more than two days off at any given time in the past year, so perhaps she is right. I have handed over my laptop, handed over the power lead to the desktop and at this moment she is trying to pry my mobile phone out of my hands. I will fight this one, I love my mobile!