40 Free Icon Sets for Web Designers and Bloggers

One of the most sought after elements of any web design are icons. If you are creative enough to design your own icon set and tailor make them for your sites design, you are very lucky, and I am envious. For the rest of us, we have to settle for the work of the many talented graphic designers who release there icon designs freely, and to them we are grateful.

Weekly Web Design and Development Inspiration – N.14

There is a nice selection of sites in todays Weekly Web Design and Development Inspiration, especially IOKON and Slidedeck who have both created very clean and stylish sites and the redesign from Fubiz and Adii, as always, are awesome. And of course this round-up would not be complete without the obligatory minimal design (EMQuinn and Bobulate), my favorite web design style.

18 Creative and Horrific Digital Images for Halloween

Horror art can be defined as being “the intrusion of a disturbing supernatural element into everyday human experience” (via Wikipedia). Chilling description isn’t it? Or, if you prefer, it could be described as being blood, guts and gore.
Horror can be [mostly] a very disturbing art, it can also be very memorable and creative. It is the latter two elements that we have captured for todays post.

The Blueprint Framework – Tutorials, How-to Guides and Tools

CSS frameworks are a Gods send. They speed up development, ensure usability, meet all W3C standards, compatabile across most browsers and a hell of a lot more. Sounds marvelous doesn’t it. Why doesn’t everybody use them? Well, for the novice developer, frameworks, may be a little bit tricky to get there head around? That is were this article comes in, to hopefully give everybody a better understanding of what a framework is and how to use it effectively.

Weekly Web Design and Development Inspiration – N.13

The simplicity of the new YAY!Everyday redesign, even though I did love the original site design, looks and feels great. As such, simple and clean design seems to be gathering momentum recently, with a lot of established sites toning down and stripping out all elements that are not necessary. Being a big fan of minimal and clean web design I can only say, long may it continue.

40 Photoshop Brush Directories and Collections

There are hundreds and thousands of Photoshop brushes available to download for free. Were do you start looking? How do you find that particular brush that you need to complete your latest design project? And most importantly, were are all the the high quality or even hi-res brushes? In this design resource round-up we have compiled a list of the best Photoshop directory resource sites and also compiled a list of the best PS brush collections. If you can’t find the brush that you need here, give up, because it can’t be found (or, I may have missed it).