​Devin Super Tramp is Serious About Fun

There are your everyday YouTube fads and overnight sensations. And then there is Devin Super Tramp (aka Devin Graham). With his creation of over 200 videos (which have been viewed over 765 million times) and 4 million plus subscribers, he’s a bonafide superstar.

What separates Devin from the pack is his unique visual storytelling. He brings the thrill of some fantastic kid-like stunts being performed by adults. Watching them almost makes you feel as if you want to go out there and join in the fun.

A Different Take

Devin, who works out of a studio in Provo, Utah, knew he had to be different in order to get his work noticed. In a time where anyone can create content and share it with the world, he had to figure out what would make him stand out. Fortunately, standing out was never a problem. In fact, it was a longtime passion.

“Ever since I was a baby, I kid you not, I’ve been making movies. I was doing music videos with my siblings,” he says, “and then I got into making stop motion Legos movies.”

As he grew up, Devin took his movie-making skills to new heights at Brigham Young University’s film school. There, as fate would have it, he met some of his future partners on the Super Tramp team.

When he finally started the Devin Super Tramp YouTube channel, he took advantage of a new camera technology called the Glidecam. The Glidecam helped him achieve is signature style. He says, “It allowed me to get these super smooth shots. It allowed me to pioneer a new technology.”

Breaking New Ground

These days, just about every smartphone can shoot video in the 16:9 video format. But Devin, ever wanting to push the envelope, has started filming in the UltraWide® 21:9 format. Devin says of the new tech, “That’s huge for us; now we can make it look like it was an actual movie.”

Recently, Devin and the Super Tramp team used this technology to create a video of some of the world’s most extreme pogo riders. Speaking of the process, he says, “When we go out on location, we’re basically getting all the paints possible. Then we get into the editing room, and that’s when we start painting and basically exposing that canvas we want to share with the rest of the world. We need the biggest canvas possible to tell those stories.”

That UltraWide® format also benefits him in the studio, through the use of his new 21:9 LG UltraWide® monitors. The extra screen real estate is a must-have feature for modern video production, graphic and web design.

Devin shares the advantages, stating “We’re editing on those monitors. We’re doing sound design on those monitors. We’re color correcting on those monitors. Everything we’re doing within the post-production, it all happens in the exact same place because we have to work so efficiently.”

Creative Inspiration

As designers, it’s often a great benefit to see how others work and refine their craft. After all, learning from one another is what makes our industry so special.

It’s wonderful to see that Devin has teamed up with LG for a series of behind-the-scenes videos of his recent pogo riding production. You really get a sense of what drives him to create. He truly wants to reach out and inspire others, saying, “I honestly love that relationship, I love giving back, and I love all the e­mails we get from people saying, ‘You changed my life. I’m doing what I love to do.’

Watch Devin Super Tramp’s videos and learn more about him here.

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