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20 Beautiful and Free Hand-Drawn Fonts

Designers can never ever have enough fonts in their toolbox, and hand-drawn fonts are the perfect choice if you want to add a little charm and personal touch to your work. With well thought-out use of white space, hand-drawn fonts can give your designs some added style and elegance.

In this collection, we would like to present 25 of our favorite handwritten fonts. We’re sure you will love them!

All of these fonts are free, but please do double-check the license before using them as from time-to-time they do change.

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Free Hand-Drawn Fonts

Liberal Hand Serif Font – Regular & Bold – By Tom Chalky (OTF & TTF).

Barry Font Bold – By Eduardo Higareda (OTF & TTF).

Bough Hand-Drawn Typeface By Pavel Korzhenko (OTF).

Carosello Font.

Arabella Free Font.

Waterlily Free Handwriting Font.

Breathe Font Family


Nickainley Handwriting Font

Cutepunk Typeface – Light, Regular & Bold – By Cutepunk (OTF).

Barokah Uppercase & Lowercase Display By Graptail Design (OTF).

El Capitan Hand-Drawn Font By Petr Knoll (OTF & AI).

Sweet Pineapple Hand-Drawn Serif By Medialoot (OTF & Web Font).

Mathlete Hand-Drawn Font – Skinny, Slant, Bulky & Bulky Slant – By Mattox (OTF & Web Font).

ALDI Handwritten Sans-Serif – Regular & Bold – By Phil Goodwin (OTF).

Handmade Hipster Font Bellaboo By Marcelo Reis Melo (OTF).

Fabfelt Handwritten Script – Bold – By Despinoy Fabien (OTF & Web Font).

SUNN Uppercase Handwriting Font By Rit Creative.

FFAD Matro Handwritten Font By SuperBruut (TTF & Web Font).

Dilem Handwritten Uppercase Display Typeface By Dilem Akiner (TTF).

Handkerchief Font By Joe Chau (TTF).

Skinny Bastard Uppercase Handwritten Font By ByPeople.

CABANA Handmade Font By Adrien Coquet (OTF).

Refuge Handcrafted Typeface By Grant Beaudry (OTF).

Thirsty Dog Handdrawn Typeface By Simon Stratford (OTF).

Monthoers Handmade Letterpress By Agga Swist'blnk (TTF).