7 Free CSS Editors

I have always used Dreamweaver. I love it. But it is expensive. So, I have been thinking, what FREE CSS editors are available?

Simple CSS

Free CSS EditorsFeatures :Simple CSS allows you to easily create Cascading Style Sheets from scratch, and/or modify existing ones, using a familiar point-and-click interface. Compatabile with Mac, Windows and Linux.
Download: Simple CSS Download Page.

TS Webeditor (tswebeditor)

Free CSS EditorsFeatures :tsWebEditor is an editor for HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, CSS and many other languages. It displays the source code colored (syntax highlight), code hint for functions, code completion (PHP, JavaScript, ASP, HTML), code browser, PHP debugger and syntax validation, help, CSS wizard, HTML tag editor, HTML syntax validation, and an easy to use SQL Designer. To view all features click here.
Download: TS Webeditor Download Page.

A Style CSS Editor

Free CSS EditorsFeatures :Visual easy-to-use interface ; Graphic tree-type view of attachment files and the CSS structure ; Grouped view of properties and selectors ; Automatic selection and grouping of CSS selectors from a markup language document ; Source CSS, HTML, XML highlight code editor ; Active preview current selectors and documents with IE and Mozilla support ; Clean up HTML document via CSS ; Icon associate dictionary ; Copy, Paste and Cut operations ; Drag and Drop operations…
Download: A Style CSS Editor Download Page.

CSSED – “A GTK-2 CSS Editor”

Free CSS EditorsFeatures :It features syntax highlighting, syntax validation, MDI notebook based interface, quick CSS properties and values insertion, auto-completion and dialog-based insertion of CSS complex values.
Being a CSS editor, its not limited to this language. CSSED haved some support for HTML (with embbeded Javascript), XML, Javascript, Java, PHP, JSP, C, C++, Apache configuration files, .htaccess, Python, Perl, SQL, SH and other languages so it can serve quite well as multi-purpose editor.
Download: CSSED Download Page.

ELEDO – Eledicss

Free CSS EditorsFeatures :Eledicss is a CSS2 editor (GPL licensed) implemented as a server-side PHP script. It allows editing CSS files using a web browser.
It can be installed both on UNIX and Windows webservers. It was tested on PHP 4.1.2 on server side, and Mozilla 1.0 on client side. Eledicss should safetly work on all PHP 4.X versions.
Download: ELEDO Download Page.

JustStyle CSS Editor

Free CSS EditorsFeatures :JustStyle CSS Editor is full-featured, yet easy-to-use, software for webmasters. It is a specialized style sheets development environment, featuring everything needed to develop and deploy cascade style sheets. JustStyle CSS Editor provides an interactive user interface and presents CSS properties in special wizards and generic value lists.
Written entirely in Java, it works on different platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, IBM OS/2, Linux, Apple Mac OS, Mac OS X and others.
Download: JustStyle CSS Editor Download Page.

TopStyle Lite

Free CSS EditorsFeatures :Click here to read the differences between TopStyle Pro and TopStyle Lite. This small freeware version still has plenty of power for most CSS editing.
Download: TopStyle Lite Download Page.

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