Competition: 10 Readers Will Win all 26 of GavickPro’s Premium Themes

Over the last few months there have been many great changes to GavickPro’s WordPress service, and to celebrate they’ve teamed up with Speckyboy to offer an amazing opportunity: 10 lucky winners will walk away with all 26 of GavickPro’s premium themes, plus access to any new themes released by them in the next 9 months, including the upcoming release of the WordPress version of Steak House, their latest bar and grill theme, free to use as they wish whether for personal or commercial sites.

Also included is 9 months of support from GavickPro’s experts in their support forum. How do you enter this amazing competition? Just post a comment below and tell us what you’ll do with your 26 WordPress themes.

About GavickPro

GavickPro have always focused on quality designed, but now they’ve introduced several changes to help make their themes even better. They’ve abandoned the GavernWP framework, so all their latest themes will instead use WordPress’ built-in Theme Customizer to let you get a live preview as you change theme settings. A new page-based frontpage means you can get up and running in minutes just by importing the demo content, and new documentation provides in-depth, step-by-step installation guides along with answers to common customization questions so that even beginners can get the most from their theme.

Their themes cover a wide range of subjects, from ecommerce to social networks, portfolios to blogs, so no matter what your preference you are sure to find a theme to suit your needs. They’ve also got a selection of free themes, such as Magazine, so you can see what all the fuss is about before you commit to a purchase.

Take a look at some of the great themes you’ll have access to with a GavickPro subscription:


Modern and dynamic, John is a stunning portfolio theme to introduce yourself and your work to the world. Animated portfolio images can be sorted instantly with a click to give your work the showcase it deserves.


The first of Gavick’s premium themes to utilize the WordPress Theme Customizer comes with page-based frontpage, event, speaker and sponsor pages for an effortless customization experience, with Eventbrite support so that every aspect of your event is covered.


Ecommerce has never been so easy! With full WooCommerce support and a page-based frontpage, Storefront is a breeze to develop. Your customers don’t miss out either, with tabbed product categories on the frontpage, all fully-customizable to your liking, and a smooth, one-page checkout to make completing a purchase simple.

News 2

Packed with information but with a clean, readable layout, News 2 is perfect for news portals no matter their focus. Dynamic frontpage elements keep your homepage up-to-date so your visitors always have the latest developments at their fingertips.


Built with full BuddyPress support, University covers all aspects a campus website needs. With custom event and about us pages and BuddyPress streams to bring your community to life, your site can be social yet informative.

Want to see more? Check out GavickPro’s full Theme Collection.

How to Enter the Competition

To have a chance of winning one of these great prizes, all you need to do is post a comment below telling us what you’ll use your GavickPro theme for. The competition is open for the next seven days (ending on the 1st of September), and winners will be picked and notified within 2 days of the closing date.

Good luck!

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This post has been written by the team here at Speckyboy Design Magazine.


  • Rad

    I’ll use it for my portfolio.

  • Hello :)

  • lejs

    I will use it for a website ;)

  • asifsaud

    I shall use these themes for the sites I develop for my clients :)

  • Learning web development has never been easy. However, with the help of these wonderful themes, I believe I can jump start in building my portfolio website, and eventually reinvent a personal theme for myself! :D

  • Akhil Ruhela

    I will build something over these themes for Open source community or some Not for profit Organizations or my own online resume.

  • Sarah Mitchell

    Hi! Wow, my very own 26 WordPress themes. Let’s see…
    1 – my own yoga website with shop enabled. I am on the look right now for a template actually!
    2 – my financies 3d artist portfolio with comments enabled
    3 – my personal blog
    4 – update a few of my friends’ photography website x 5 (I have a few friends who are photographers)
    9 – hmm, keep the rest on standby for when the opportunity presented itself.


  • Serg

    I’ll create site for my school.

  • Doku

    Analyze the code and learn from it.

  • Federico Balboa

    I will use it for client projects !!! :)

  • Wojciech Gawryś

    I will use some of these solutions as inspiration in my further projects.

  • miro pet

    Have to redesign my old website – plane html one

  • Malik Dixon

    I would use the theme to create projects for my clients. To learn about the code. To advance my skills as a designer and coder. Not to mention that I love the concepts.

  • Nicolás Maldonado

    Yeah! we’ll use it in Bolsito&Champucito Inc.

  • Nicolás Maldonado

    Excellent for client projects. thx.

  • Steve

    Ill be using them in work that i do for clients either freelance or in a permanent role when i have graduated :)

  • I will use the themes for a few friends sites that i’m helping them with because i’m a nice guy.

  • Roiesh

    This is a plan i have for a very long time: leaving the current portfolio service I’m using and go indie. But you know what it’s like: this day you’re busy, that day you’re working and on another day (most days actually) i just couldn’t choose the right theme. How can I choose just one theme that will reflect ME?
    I think , I KNOW, my gravickpro theme will finally go to be on my site.
    And I’ll come here and show you,
    And you’ll say “n i c e”

    (Keeping my fingers crossed, don’t let me down, fingas!)

  • Vandalista Vandalista

    I will use them for our small church web site and a NGO as well. Thanks to Designers for these amazing themes.

  • Mervin Johnsingh

    I plan to use one of the themes to redesign my portfolio. I also help non profits on skillsforchange so if there is a theme I can use for one of the non profits, I can do that.

  • I would (finally) have my portfolio online.

  • getappsmade

    Rockwall would be great for my wife’s music site.

  • I build/maintain websites for rescue groups for free or at deeply discounted rates. It’s an opportunity to learn new skills and do volunteer work at the same time.

  • Giorgos Key

    I will use it for one of my sites.

  • manwlios

    To be honest I don’t use them. But this is a great opportunity to start using them! Good luck to all of you guys.

  • urban2014

    i will use the themes to build up an scuba diving voting site.

  • batmanu

    I’ll use them to work for free, as most of the clients want ;)

  • Most definitely I will learn and get inspired. Maybe using them in some quick projects.

  • Kathy

    I will use them for building sites for non profits, and to build up a custom portfolio.

  • Wenbo Lin

    I will use it for my own site.

  • Mrs B

    I’d use them for some friends’ websites that I’m working on!

  • Daniel Falci

    Wow! I will use these great themes in my startup!

  • Rahul Joshi

    I really liked the Publisher Blog Theme. I am planing a new magazine on lifestyle and I see this goes best with that concept.

  • Nathan E Ball

    I will use the Storefront theme for a custom car business that needs a new e-commerce site. I think the Events theme, would be great for a client who is launching some entrepreneurial training events.

  • Client projects, personal project,s new ventures, wow so many uses I kinda need these…

  • crazyhunk

    I would be chosen, I would first go through all the themes and their code so that I could get a first hand knowledge of how these beautiful themes were built,… then I would use them for my personal projects: My Portfolio & an 2 NGO’s, and if possible few of my clients…

    Thank you

  • I will use the themes for my websites

  • nilamkumar

    That is fantastic, I am planning to change the theme and update my personal blog and definitely want to try this.

  • reaper

    I will use these themes for the 2 websites I’m working on. As a student starting out as a developer I’m striving to not only be functional at coding but also at designs, these giveaways will serve as my guide and reference.

    This would be the first time I’ve commented here at the website so I’ll take this opportunity to thank all the people behind this wonderful website. I’ve learn a lot from you guys and I’m still looking forward to other tips that will surely help me in the future. Thanks again and God bless! ^_^

  • My new app needs a home, and some of GavickPro’s themes are perfect for the job!

  • miniMAC

    I use theme for my personal project! Thanks!

  • Geoffroy

    hello, I’ve found a theme that could be perfect for a small e-shop that I want to start in few weeks

  • I’ll use them for my personal blog, my girlfriends website and some client projects.

  • ibnumalik

    i would love this for my freelance work and my hobby tinkering with design

  • Aiel Aielowski

    I’ll create site for my club, school and portfolio ! crazy day ;) Greetings from Poland!

  • Jay

    I’ll use them for a iOS/Android App Design studio I’m starting up. We’ll see.

  • Mustafa

    I will use the themes to improve my skills how to create and build a professional theme and to improve my art work I just starting learning the UI/UX design concepts cause I was working as a coder only and now I’m very interested in this way (UI/UX) and try to read and look at each resource I have to learn more and more to be better.

    Thx in advance :)

  • I’ll use these for learning purpose.

  • Etrimon

    I would not only use them for a website, I’d like to look into the code to learn something new :-)

  • SteveStevens

    I will use these themes to open coworkers eyes to WordPress. After years with WordPress, I’m at a shop that doesn’t use it. Some well-built themes that demonstrate the framework and variations that are built in to these themes will go a long way to champion the cause.

  • Sravan

    Always wanted to showcase my full family in a digital medium. I would love to make a full tree of all the people in my family with indepth pages of each person, list of upcoming events in my home and maybe persuade everyone to a photo/thoughts blog.

  • Daneng66

    I’d use them for a freelance studio I am creating on the side to support local businesses in my village

  • DespotDesign Studio


    DespotDesign is a small, but well formed interactive design studio, founded by David Despotoski Despot, experienced web & graphic designer. We’re based in Macedonia and work from our offices in Prilep and Skopje.

    We will use the themes for a charity organisation that helps people. They organise parties and raise money for the charity.

    Have a nice day.

  • andrea

    i will use them to improve my skills on joomla

  • andrea

    i’ll use for personal projects

  • andrea

    just to improve my joomla skills

  • Abudhahir Abdul L

    I will use it for some demo sites and help my friends with their blogging and showcasing

  • I will use them for low-budgets and non-profits – Just because a client is a start-up or charity doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a site on par with Gavick’s level of quality.

  • It is a good starting point when you seek for inspiration. These wordpress themes could be used for my clients ;)

  • Ajay Tambe

    Being a WordPress beginner I will make an event website for my college. Fabulous themes. i like it!

  • Jose A. Escallada

    I’d like to improve my WordPress skills with these themes!

  • ibhecks

    if I win GavickPro theme, is to make my personal website project, I always wanted to have a website that is elegant but manageable, with this theme looks like my old desire can be achieved

  • Sebtron

    I would love to use one of these themes for a personal porfolio

  • GeeToTheIzzy

    We’re as Web- & Social Media agency truely interested to use several GavickPro themes within the next customer-contributions on high-PR domains based on different page-topics here in Germany.
    Thanks for providing us the pro-themes.
    Regards. Jay.

  • Jose Carlo

    I will get a new portfolio and will save another one for the next client

  • I’ve already used the free GavickPro themes in the past so I know how much useful they are. I would use one of the themes for a gaming community and the other for a news magazine that I’m working on at the moment.

  • I will use the themes for my future website, witch will be a surprise. :)

  • Hai-son De Leon

    I will use GavickPro theme for my personal portfolio, some client websites, and the blog I just started working. I hope to win these contest.

  • Bosco

    I will use the themes for my future website and my secret project :33

  • Toby

    I will use the Storefront theme for an ecommerce fashion website for a friend’s fashion brand.