25 High Quality Gradient Sets for Photoshop

Having a good and quality collection of gradients at your disposal should be paramount for any designer, they are not only a great time-saver, they can also give your designs the simple illusion of depth, make the rough areas of your design appear to be smooth and can even have even invoke a subtle calm effect for the viewer.
Yes, the effect a basic gradient can have on a design (web or graphic) should not be understated.

Below you will find a selection of the best Photoshop gradient packs, most are in .GRD format and all are of high quality. Download them and enjoy them.

Clean Gradients Set (50 Gradients)

Clean Gradients Set - 50 Gradients

Ocean Breeze (75 Gradients)

Ocean Breeze - 75 Gradients

Vintage (24 Gradients)

Vintage - 24 Gradients

Web Style (30 Gradients)

Web Style - 30 Gradients

Dark Photoshop (32 Gradients)

Dark Photoshop - 32 Gradients

Real Sky (13 Gradients)

Real Sky - 13 Gradients

Soft Blue (20 Gradients)

Soft Blue - 20 Gradients

Matte (26 Gradients)

Matte - 26 Gradients

Dooffy Gradients Set (30 Gradients)

Dooffy Gradients Set - 30 Gradients

Adobe CS3 Gradients (35 Gradients)

Adobe CS3 Gradients - 35 Gradients

Shattered Gradients (8 Gradients)

Shattered Gradients - 8 Gradients

Pastel (12 Gradients)

Pastel - 12 Gradients

iPhone Gradation Set (20 Gradients)

iPhone Gradation Set - 20 Gradients

Bold Gradient Pack (3 Gradients)

Bold Gradient Pack - 3 Gradients

Adobe Gradients Pack (14 Gradients)

Adobe Gradients Pack - 14 Gradients

Modern (75 Gradients)

Modern - 75 Gradients

ModernLife (22 Gradients)

ModernLife - 22 Gradients

09 Web Style (20 Gradients)

09 Web Style - 20 Gradients

PSD Photoshop Gradients (30 Gradients)

PSD Photoshop Gradients - 30 Gradients

Apple Gradients (54 Gradients)

Apple Gradients - 54 Gradients

Chic Sparkles

Chic Sparkles

AKLPs Gradient Pack (25 Gradients)

AKLPs Gradient Pack - 25 Gradients

The Wall Gradient Texpak

The Wall Gradient Texpak

Seamless – Fade To Black

Seamless - Fade To Black

Greyscale Gradient Pack (16 Gradients)

Greyscale Gradient Pack - 16 Gradients

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